5 top restaurants in Chester for those with food restrictions

Hanky panky pancakes

If you enjoy a amazing dessert in a cute as a button diner Hanky Panky pancakes is your type of place.

The best part of hanky panky is their understanding of food allergies, intolerance and restrictions. You can’t have something they will 99.9% of the time have a tasty alternitive to offer you. They even go as far as noting on your receipt your food restrictions. Amazing!

Understanding always equals comfort and increased enjoyability.

But lets not forget the amazing pancakes, ice cream sundaes, kati rolls, dosa’s and coffees all of which are prepared beautifully and can be eaten in or taken out.

Hanky panky’s is super popular and can get busy so I always suggest you reserve a table to guarantee a spot.


You can find Duttons on Godstall lane a quaint lane filled with lovely little shops and restaurants.

Duttons is a restaurant that was suggested to me by a friend who said there vegan GF breakfast’s was tasty, and they weren’t wrong!

Duttons online menu’s are really informative and the staff are helpful and undertanding of food restrcitions.

Duttons provides lovely food set in a pub style restaurant in the center of Chester a stones throw away from the catherdral.

Bella Italia

Yes Bella Italia is not a Chester based independent restaurant but sometimes you just need a well known place you know you are safe to eat in.

And Bella Italia is that place for me.

I Love italian food and set on the main Eastgate street its a perfect place to pop in mid shop and top up your enegry levels with a big old bowl of pasta.

What I appreciacte from Bella Italia is their understanding of food allergies and intolerance. They offer a good range of suitable foods and there topped with little flags sporting the wheat symbol so you know yours is safe and free from gluten.


Nestled up on the Eastgate row Shrub is a carbon positive business serving amazing vegan food.

Their menu is filled with tasty treats; from nibbles through to mains and finished with a pud Shrub does not let you down.

Each time I visit this place I eat so much I could pop! I have never ordered so many plates to try in one sitting any other restaurant and still I haven’t tried their entire menu.

And Im very excited to get on trying it!


As a child I was never fond of breakfast meals, although I knew they were an important part of the day I wasn’t fussed.

As an adult I love breakfast foods and will happliy eat the morning, noon and night!

And not having to make my own breakfast is even better.

Chester is often my go to breakfast city and Marmalade is a great place to start your day and pride themselves in being the most extensive GF menu in the area.

I first visited her on my birthday and has since been several times. Breakfast is always great from here. Simple, clean and delicious.

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