Allergic Foodie goes to…..Chester!

The city….

Chester is a city in the northwest of England. Once a major city in the Roman era, this walled city in known for its rows of tudor style 2 story shops, the amazing cathedral, Roman architecture and medieval carvings and Britian’s oldest racecourse.

Chester is also a university city and is where I studied; completing my DipHe in mental health in 2010 and I remain a regular visitor.

It’s a place we were always taken to as kids and even then I could appericate it beauty and what it had to offer.

Chester has so much to experience.

It’s a city, but it’s not huge and to me thats its best quality. At times big cities can feel overwhelming and congested. Where Chester differs, is that this city has the bussling nature and city culture all encased in a more compact but totally enjoyable and comfortable setting without being overwhelming.

And who doesn’t love history you can walk around and interact with.

The history….

In the first century AD the Romans settled in Chester what was then known as Fortress Diva, named after the River Dee that runs through Chester.

Diva (Chester) was one of Britan’s most important citys, with its impressive walls and massive harbor it soon became a popular settlement.

Chester has a wealth of history. It experiancd attacks from Viking radiers in the dark ages and in the English civil war the city was surrounded and the population, due to starvation, was forced to surrender.

As a wealthy trading port Chester’s populatrity grew and in the middle ages the rows were built. As the years past the port gradually sillted up and was no longer able to be used.

Chester by then was part of Cheshire and was soon becoming popular with wealthy merchants who built their homes within the city.

In the victorian era the East gate clock was erected in honor of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee, which is apparently the 2nd most photgraphed clock in the UK after big ben.

Today Chester is a beautiful city with a happy mixture of locals, tourists and univercity folk enjoying the sights, shops, attractions and food.

The attractions….

What’s a better way to work up an appitite than to engage in some local activities and soak in the city before a great meal out.

And Chester is not short of attractions and things to do for all to enjoy.

Click here to discover my top attraction in Chester; from the mind boggling escape rooms to the beautiful gothic style cathedral.

The food….

Chester is an up and coming city for food lovers.

There are restaurants a plenty; from a quick grab to eat from Wok and Go to a elegant fine dining experiance at The Chester Grosvenor.

As someone with food restriction I’ve never had an issue accessing food in Chester, which is amazing.

What I love about Chester and its food story is that even if you are dining with someone or others without food restrictions there are places to eat in which you can all enjoy without one feeling left out.

Most of Chester’s dining experiance can be found withing the main city area, however just stepping outside the main street you can find quaint bistro’s and innovative dining experiences which should not be missed.

Find out where I love to dine when in Chester here.

Chester is one of those cities where you have to experiance it to appreciate all its beauty and wonder it holds.

For me, Chester is my second home (city home!) it holds great memories and hopefully has many more for me to make and share.

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