Allergic Foodies goes to……San Fransico


So I have been AWOL for almost a year and I would love to say its due to exploration and excitment but alas basic life took over and squashed my spark.

However, I did manage to take my first steps on US soil and reep the benefits of San Fransico life amidst the humdrum of daily life back home.

The states has always been a place I said I really didn’t fancy going. There was something about the over the top way of living didn’t really grab my attention. Saying that, the pull to visit places I have only seen on TV was a draw I couldn’t give up on.

So off to San Fransico for 3 weeks I went!

We chose San Fransico as my partner has family over there, and with the economy as it is and money being required elsewhere, an offer of free flights and accomodation was a generous offer we couldn’t say no to.

Like all holidays I go on I was worried that food would be on the fore front of my mind however, I was put at some easy from the fam as they had scouted out different restaurants, shops and online shops that can support my needs whilst over there.

As soon as I knew we were definitely going I jumped online a Googled my ass off searching for all thing not British to delve into and explore.

Saying that, I knew there was going to be some “essential items” that I would be taking with me as, just face it, the Americans can do a awful lot but a good cup of tea comes straight from good old blighty.

1,2,3 and take off…..

The last time I took flight was several years ago when I went on of one my trips to Disneyland Paris and I think I left a lasting impression on all of the people on that flight. Not to mention the last impression Disneyland gave me after 4 days of chips, cold pizza and less that edible allergy safe Disney food.

Disneyland Paris from the UK was around 40 minuets on a plane so no food served just snacks and drinks. This flight was going to be 11 hours!

My longest time in the air to this day.

I love travelling but I don’t enjoy flighing if im honest. However, I have been working on my mindfulness and health of my thinking.

We had to order meals both going and coming back and I have to admit I was worried. I wasn’t a 100% what I could and couldn’t take on a flight.

I watched millions of episodes of Border Force and was worried anything I took would be confiscated either before the flight or when we land.

I will write more about my flying experiances and what It was like prior, on it and post flight in a post coming soon…..

Baskets up and shop….

Prior to us coming over the family visited many shops looking for options for me. I was really excited to go shopping in US superstores and see what goodies the had to offer.

I love food shopping here in the UK and seeing what nice newbies have been added to the shelves, so I was super excited to go shopping in a whole different country.

I was told that California was a great place for people with dietary restrictions so I was hoping to have many a taste experience.

What I didnt’t expect is similarities to the UK when It came to venturing out for meals.

I suppose not everything can be rainbows and sparkles no matter how much you believe they will be.

Obviously I didnt let a few rubbish meals spoil my holiday but again I convinced myself I would be able to dine out anywhere and be safe. I should probably be a realist and just face the fact that I won’t be able to eat in 100% of all restaurants and that 50% is a good enough number.

Pfft! Nope!

I am a full time Veruca Salt and want what I want. Hee Hee!

Big city living…..

Just a small time girl living in a lonely world……

….of crappy meals and rubbish options am I right

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the easist person to feed but it made me sad how even in a land as big as the USA I still found problems dining out.

I will drop all the juicy details in a blog coming soon to your screen, but for now I will leave you with tasty titbit found in the big city of San Fran.

A pizza shop which sold the nicest pizza I have ever tried.

I felt like I was cheating on my beloved Pizza Hut but I’m sure if they tried the deep dish extravaganza that was Square Pies Guys they would feel like a naughty girl too, and enjoy itas much as I did!

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