Woo hoo hooray its a Disney kinda day….

So I have returned to my motherland, back to Disneyland Paris.

It was super fun as usual and this time I planned ahead making sure I was well equipped, food wise, for my visit.

After last times bloody horrible encounter with their gluten free, vegan and apparently flavor free Natama menu I couldn’t take any risk. So I took a big old suitcase filled with handy snacks and meals to keep me going.

The finds….

Last year I took snacks this year I went shopping for meals. I knew I could find little nibbles and things to throw in my bag but I couldn’t just survive on biscuits and crisps.  I needed to find meals that didn’t need to be cooked or kept in a fridge and could survive the baggage handlers!

Sandwiches were out, so was microwave meals and I wasn’t sure about pre cooked pasta being outside a fridge for 4 days and I had to be able to carry it around in my cute little Disney bags too. Also I have a weird anxiety about leaving food in my room when cleaners come in, I don’t want random folks fondling my fruits so I have to have sealed units so I know no one has been messing with with my food.

I started looking months before if I’m honest because the thought of not eating properly for 4 days like last time gave me so much anxiety I started prepping early.

And I stumbled on a little beauty, chow mein rice noodle pots from Asda 

I think I have tried an Asda free from pot rice noodle snack before but not the chow mein ones, chow mein is such a tasty flavour and I was happy to see them in the free from section.

It ticked all the boxes, gluten free, vegan, sealed unit, no cooking, easy to travel with and compact enough to put in a bag.


I gave it a trial run at home before I brought some for the trip and it was lovely, I actually had it with some Cauldron tofu which made for a lovely tea. The chow mein flavour is really strong but not over powering and the rice noodles soften up lovely.

Sold! I brought 8.

2 for each day we were there just in case. I didn’t want to be hungry again. And at £1 per tub they are a bargain.

If you read the signs at Disneyland Paris it does say that only food purchased in the parks can be eaten there all other food is to be consumed out of the Park area in the Disney Village. However, I just asked the severs for 2 cups of hot water and ate them outside the actual restaurant but still in the parks. There was no way I was going to keep walking back outside every time I needed to eat, pfft yer right!

Oh and pack a plastic fork if your going to take food with you , I couldn’t find a fork anywhere! Good job my friend had me covered on that one.


I don’t think I could go a day without fruit, I love fruit!

Not all fruit however loves me back, so I went looking for fruit that I could take with me that I knew I would be ok with and would travel well.

Firstly I was going to go for tinned fruit, it can be carried well and stored outside a fridge. Then I thought what about can openers and if I could actually take tins into Disney.

Disneyland Paris have strict bag checks before you go into the Disney village even before the actual Parks. They run your bags through x-ray machines and yourself through the x-ray scanner, just like at the airport. So I was unsure whether I would be aloud to take a tin of fruit into the park and I didn’t want to run that risk.

Once again my local Asda had me covered, I found some Dole mandarins in juice in individual little containers, yay! And again a bargain at £1 per pack.

They met the checks, no metal, easily transferable, vegan and gluten free and don’t need to be kept in a fridge.

I brought 2 packs, each pack contained 4 individual tubs.

They were quite small but perfect just for a fruit hit mid day around the parks.

One thing I have noticed in Disneyland Paris is the lack of fresh food, all the eateries except the buffets, which you can never get into by the way unless you book months in advance, are things like burgers or hotdogs with chips. They do have salad options but there pants! Non of their salads are suitable for a gluten free diet, they have one vegetarian salad but it has croutons and there pre-packed so you cant get them out.

So take your own healthy options!


I like to think I eat quite healthy but a holiday is a good reason to be a little naughty, right?

There’s nothing I love more than snacking on some wee little vegetarian piggy’s from Marks and Spencer. And I now have my friend hooked on these too!

Mark and Spencer‘s veggie Percy pigs are a lovely little treat perfect for nibbling on around Disney, they are a little pricey at £2.50 for 2 bags but for the size of the bag and the amount you get the cost to portion size seems worth it.

They are gelatine free and gluten free but unfortunately not vegan.

These little piggy’s kept our sweet tooth occupied whilst we queued up for the rides.


I’m in Hollywood darlings….

From last time I knew that there wasn’t much for a gluten free vegan/vegetarian at Disneyland Paris, however there was a few restaurants in the Disney Village that did offer meals and for good prices.

We knew that Planet Hollywood would be a definite stop for us as their gluten free menu is really good. This year we went twice.

Yes there gluten free menu is good but there isn’t much for vegetarians on it but what they do have is lovely.

I had the veggie burger both nights we visited, just because its so freaking tasty!

And we had their nachos to share one evening, we had one each. Bit of a mistake there as the portions were huge! But I battled through and only left a few stragglers.

The nachos were gluten free and vegetarian but not vegan due to the cheese and sour cream. They were so worth the dairy risk, tangy cheese mixed with the sharpness of the tomato salsa and the crunchy mountain of nachos, yummy!

And less than €10 (£8.90/$11.61), which at Disney is a bargain, and it could feed 3 as a snack or as your main.


Their veggie burger will always be a winner for me, its such a big burger full of flavour and served with all the trimmings.

Unfortunate it is fried and you can tell, it does have a greasy texture to it but I’m a bit strange and I like that, hence its always my first choice.


Its nice to know that people with allergies can eat somewhere at Disneyland Paris even if it is the village not the actually park. If you haven’t been the village is a minuet walk for the front of the Disney parks so its no biggy to just wander out there to eat.

Arghh there mateys….

This year we said we were going to go for a sit down meal actually at Disneyland, I did some research before we left to see if any of the restaurants do cater for those with allergies and not just the Natama menu. I found that Captain Jacks restaurant des pirates  had the best gluten free vegetarian options in the park. When we first got there it appeared there was no seats and that they were fully reserved for days, however I managed to charm us a table and it was worth the charming!

The restaurant looks out onto the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and when you go on the ride you can smell the food from the restaurants which is a killer when your hungry.

We sat down in this dark area surrounded by shipwrecks and boat things listening to the water from the ride and the occasional scream just relaxing, it was lovely.

There menu can come as individual dishes or in 3 set menus, going up in price from €39.99 (£35.60/$46.44) to €55.99 (£49.85/$65), pricey.

We decided on just a main as the puddings and starters we wanted were separate across the 3 menus. For us gluten free veggie folk there was a few options including vegetable curry, rice pudding and bananas in rum.

We, I say we as my friend is now meat free too yay!

So we chose the vegetable curry with fried plantain and the captain rice at a steep €30.99 (£27.56/$36.02).

Before the meal they brought out some hot bread, initially thought it was just for my friend as shes not coeliac but they had me some too!

Tiny little warm slices of bread in individual little packets, so freaking cute! And blinking gorgeous.

It curry was tasty, but not €30.99 tasty, the curry was filled with chunky vegetables but had a weird taste to it not a spicy taste just a weird taste every so often. And the Captains special rice was just rice with black beans in it. The fried plantain was the nicest part if in honest and the bread.

Would I go there again, erm…. I don’t know.

The curry wasn’t to good but the bread was lovely and I do want to try there rice pudding, so maybe.

Sorry the photos aren’t to clear it was really dark in there!

IMG_20180925_181222 (1).jpg


Oh behave….

Oh the naughty things you can find at Disneyland is huge!

Yes there not much healthy stuff but I’m on holiday and what do holidays need…..ice cream!

Tons of ice cream!

And no its not vegan, it would be lovely but I doubt they would ever consider that. They do have some gluten free and vegan cakes but it seems they only offer them at breakfast and only at certain places. But I shall be trying them out next time as I have only just found out about them now. Disneyland Paris doesn’t seem to advertise or even inform customers of their allergies free items and I have spoken to many a staff who don’t appear to know whats in their products there selling which is a little scary.

Anywho back to ice creams, my all time favourite ice cream at Disneyland Paris is the Dole whip.

It is Dole pineapple juice mixed with pineapple syrup and topped up with soft serve ice cream. Hubbahubbahubba!

Soft serve is my favourite type of ice cream anyways mixed with delicious pineapple, erm yes please!

And it’s huge! For the price, think it was about €4.50 ( £4/$5.22) you get so much ice cream. There is only one place to find it and the vendor is near Agrabah cafe just before Adventureland in the Disneyland Park.

If you go to Disneyland Paris its a must!



Also there this year was the Black Panther ice cream, i’d seen this on the Disneyland Paris Instagram and knew it was a must have.

Its a black coconut flavoured ice cream in a black cone, full on goth ice cream yes!

I knew I couldn’t eat the cone but was hoping the ice cream was ok for me and I could have it in a little tub. We found the vendor in Walt Disney studio park, if you go straight forward around the statue and towards the tram tour its in a tiny little shop on the right, its really hard to notice its not advertised well at all.

Initially I thought I would have to miss out as I couldn’t see and tubs only cones but with some bad French I managed to find out that the vendor did have little tubs so I finally got my goth ice cream, it was lovely!

I’ve had coconut ice cream before, a vegan one, and it tasted weird kinda like it had gone stale so I was a little hesitant to try this but I shouldn’t have been it was lovely and it came with little popping candies on top.

However, be aware folks this ice cream will tint you poops! Goth poops! I presuming its due to the dye they put in it to make it so black, but with all that dye may come some hyperactive adverse effects especially for the little ones too.


Disneyland Paris had loads of little food stalls this time around and each stall was from a different country or option including a Belgian stand which sold chips with sauces and a vegan stand.

I didn’t try the vegan stand because the portion sixes compared to the prices was rubbish! A tiny salad for €5 (£4.46/$5.81). Also have a walk towards the Ratatouille ride they have so many food stalls filled with treats we may not be able to eat them but the smells are amazing!

I love it….

I love Disney if I could live there I probably would, i’d be a bit hungry though!

This years visit was made so much better by me prepping food and researching out meals and restaurants I can visit it just made the trip less stressful throughout.

I have already started planning my next trip and where and what I can eat then too!

I think I will most definitely not be relaying on Disneyland Paris to feed me just for them to top me up with ice cream and chips!

Just remember “sans gluten” – gluten free in French its a life saver!


Prices and currency conversions correct at time of writing.
















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