Chester Zoo

Bigger doesn’t always mean better….

I’m always interested in how large companies manage food allergies. When I went to Disney Paris, as a huge company I expected a good range of allergy suitable options, sadly that wasnt the case. Find out more about my Disney trips here and here too.

I admit at times it can be hard to feed us, but it’s not impossible and we should be concidered.

Anywho, Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo is the most visited zoo in the UK and a conservation charity. I’m not always the greatest fan of zoo’s as I don’t like to see animals in cages and locked away. However, some zoo’s are saving animal populations and that can never be a bad thing.

Walking, watching and munching….

Now I know you wouldn’t necessarily go to a zoo for the food but for someone with food allergies eating at your chosen activity can be an important part of your day.

I did, as always, sneak in some snacks and a drink but I was hoping for a nice meal out.

There are a few bigger places to eat whilst at Chester Zoo plus many little food kiosks around the park.

Bembe Kitchen – Is the closest restaurant to the enterance/exit.

Manado street kitchen – You can find this near the Islands.

June’s food court – Find this large eatery near the enguins.

Jaguar coffee house – By its name its near the jaguars.

The Oakfield – This large pub style restaurant is at the heary of the park.

Drinks wise the park is sorted, there are kiosks everywhere and all sell a variety of drinks both hot and cold. Also a good selection of ice creams and slushies if the lovely Britsh weather plays good.

I have to admit I didn’t go to every kiosk but I had a nosey at as many as I could but they all seem very similar.

Unfortunately, there was no options for GF food/snacks at the kiosks which was disappointing.

I did however find a little gem in the form of a Dole whip!

Not to chat on about Disney but their Dole whip was a highlight of the park for me so to find one at Chester Zoo was a little touch of lovelyness.

The kiosk staff stated that they were GF and vegan and they come in a Chester zoo take home cup.

The weather as expect in the UK was a bit pants but I can’t resist a Dole whip and this did not let me down. Full of pineapple juice and topped sweet creamy ice cream style whip.

Half way through our day I was staring to get hungry. I had tried the kiosk’s to no avail so we headed to the Bembe kitchen.

The restaurant was bright and spacious which was nice, however I can imagin it can get busy around meal times. We headed over about half 2/3 o’clock.

There was plenty of signage infoming customers regards allergy information

I was approched by a staff member and I explained my dietary needs and she was very happy to help. She had a look at what was in the hot trays and explained what was available. Unfortunalty there was nothing out I could have so she spoke to the chef and a meal was made.

GF and vegan pie and chips.

You cant go wrong with pie and chips really, especially on a soggy UK day.

There was some sandwiches also available but as usual they were meat options only. This is not just a Chester Zoo issues, click here for more infomation.

Once I was re-fuled we carried on. Now I wasn’t hungry of course but I always look for new meals or snacks around new places. So we checked out the Manado street kitchen.

Sadly there was no options for GF folks, which was a shame as the smell coming out of this area was lovely.

I also popped into June’s food court. This area was alot busier than Bembe kitchen but it is a larger space. The food offered appeared to be similar to Bembe kitchen and provide some GF options but I was unable to see the menu’s properly.

The Oakfield is a beautiful old house style pub and offers different options to Membe kitchen and June’s food court.

I went in to ask what options they have available for GF vegan’s but I was left to stand there for several minutes whilst staff just walked past. Not the greatest of starts but the menus were near me so I had a look.

The food offered was very different to the meals offered in the other areas.

But again minimal GF options; chips and a brownie. Not what I would call a good meal. I would have liked to speak to a staff member see what they could off but I didn’t want to waste time just standing there so off I popped.

Overall I didn’t starve however, I do wish there was some tweeks to help better provide for allergy suffers.

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