About Me….

Why hello there…

My names Kate i’m a busy mental health nurse with matching busy life outside of work too.


I have many passions in life but all with start or finish with a good meal….or two!

I want to share my experiences and hopefully help you to enjoy food and live a healthy life style whilst living with restrictive food choices, food allergies and intolerance’s


My journey so far….. 

My restricted food journey started when I was a little girl, when I told my mum I wanted to be vegetarian. Unfortunately not long after I started noticing I wasn’t feeling my usual self, I sort medication help and was diagnosed with anaemia. I was told by many doctors it was due to my diet and to be well I must eat meat. For many years I ate a healthy high iron diet to help boost my iron levels with little to no success.

For anyone who is anaemic or has had anaemia understands the effect on your body it can have, so in my 20’s whilst studying in college I started to develop issues with dairy the combination not only affected my physical self but my mental health wellness also.

Shortly after the issues started I was diagnosed with Lactose intolerance, and that limited my diet further.

By my 30’s my iron levels had become so low that my doctors told me I required a iron transfusion as I could not tolerate oral medication. I was also having issues with my haemaglobin levels as these were also reduced and causing some worrying concerns.


Whilst sat in the hospital, drip in my arm, pumping iron into a tired body a lady asked me if i had been tested for a gluten allergy. After several tests I started my gluten free lactose free vegetarian diet in May of 2016.

I am now no longer anaemic, making haemoglobin, medication free and have more energy than a bouncing bunny rabbit!!

And i’m here to share with you how you can go out or stay in and enjoy delicious food even with your friendly allergies!