5 top attractions to visit in Chester

Chester cathedral

Built initially in 1092 as a benedictine abby and rebuilt in 1250 transforming into the beautiful gothic style build we can see today.

The cathedral not only holds religious ceremonies but is a place for tours, art exhibitions, wellbeing groups and the scene for Univercity of Chester students to graduate. I completed my graduation at Chester cathedral and it was a pleasure to be in there with family and class mates to celebrate.

The rows

Shopping in Chester are a great way to spend the day. There is a shop for everyone and all within walking distance of car parks and restaurants.

The majority of your high street shops can be found on the main streets of Eastgate and Forgate street. However, if you venture of the beaten track you can find some brilliant shops which ooze uniqueness.

However, a top tip there are a lot of cobbled footpaths throughout Chester which bring history to life but do warrent good footwear.

Escape rooms

I find escape rooms are a brilliant way to blow of steam and have plenty of fun at the same time and Chester has lots of them to keep you out of trouble.

Escapisum Chester and Breakout Chester offer a great activity and at a reasonable price.

Locked inside a room for 60 minutes (or less depending on how good you are) you have to complete tasks, find clues and unlock many many locks to unearth your escape.

Both Escapisum and Breakout are fun for the whole family, introduce grannie to a new adventure or what about a unique date!

Chester Zoo

Chester zoo was opened in 1931 by George Mottershead who wanted to open a zoo without any bars.

Chester zoo is now a leader in conservation and fighting wildlife extinction. With over 20,000 animals and situated on 128 acres of land to explore, Chester zoo is a great day out and a fabulous way to educate.

We were always taken to Chester zoo at school and I looked forward to it for weeks. Even since I was a child Chester zoo has expanded and grown into the giant it is today.

Today Chester zoo is not only just animals to look at, it hosts a interactive river ride in their Island exhibit, latern walks at Christmas and ranger holiday’s for the kids.

The markets

Chester has some of the best artisan markets around. Unfortunatly they are not a perminant fixture but thats what makes them that extra bit special.

What I love is the variety Chester hosts; from the aristan market, the makers market, the vegan market to their beautiful Christmas market which runs each years from mid November to late December.

I wait excitingly for the vegan markets as many of my favourite sellers attend and you can pick up some brilliant produce.

Situated near the beautiful cathedral the markets are quaint and welcoming, bring sellers and customers together.

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