Awareness Campaign

Ever been bored waiting to be served when everyone else is eating?

Ever wondered why they have menus and you have a sticky folder to read?

Ever had to sign a waiver to say you wont sue if you fall ill?

I can imagine many of you have, I know I have.

We as Allergic Foodie want this to stop. We want restaurants, cafes and food providers to be all inclusive and all welcoming.

Restaurants, cafes, anyone who sells and serves food to the public. Do you not think it is hard enough for us as allergy suffers to have the confidence to eat food we haven’t prepared. Without the added anxiety of having no set menu to look through, or having to wait for what seems like a lifetime whilst our friends eat before us or just the mere thought that you will ask us to sign a waver not to sue before we even choose our food.

Talk about making people feel un-welcomed.

Oh the menus

I was told once by a server in a well know restaurant chain that the gluten free menu had been reduced dramatically because the big managers had stated that

“Gluten free makes up only 4% so why should we provide such a big menu for only 4%”

Because us 4% like to eat to! And we like to eat and be served like everyone else please

There is approximately 2 million registered food allergy suffered in the UK and over 600,00 with Coeliacs.

Why should we be treated any differently when being served than anybody else.

I fully understand that we as allergy suffers require a different level of separation when preparing, cooking and dishing food but to be served differently its just not required.

I could not tell you how many times I’ve not even had a menu to look at.

I’ve just been given a grubby folder with lists and lists of items in it.

Half the time the staff don’t even know how to navigate it, yet you have to. And you have to sit with everyone else and watch them waiting for you to flick and stick you way through page after page trying to find that one meal item you know you can have.

We want to work with you….

Allergic Foodie wants to hear your stories when dining out; your stories that have made you sad or angry and those that have made you feel happy.

We want to know any place you have dined where the standard of service is just not right and needs to change.

And we want to work with you. Restaurants, cafes and food providers to make your business service all inclusive.

I fully understand that you have to protect yourselves, but you don’t have to segregate others to do that. There are good food providers out there who have the menus, who know them well enough to advice on choices and don’t make you sign anything before hand. But these are few and this needs to change.

Know your menus, know how to serve those with allergies and make everyone welcome.

#EatAllTogether #EAT