Click click rather than flick flick?

So, like most people in the world today I head for the internet for recipes rather than picking up a recipe book most of the time.

Its easier to search gluten free lactose free vegetarian whatever recipe than trawling though shops trying to find a suitable recipe book that caters for everything.

Don’t get me wrong I have books, I have bloody hundreds but sometimes its just easier on your phone.

I recently went into The Works, it’s a stationary shop in the UK which sells all sorts of random stuff and they had lots of recipe books from a few pounds, not to bad.

But it got me thinking about a few of my favourite internet recipes. Most, I admit, I’ve adapted to suit my dietary needs. So I accept the internet can be as poo as recipe books from time to time for very food specific recipe ideas; but I still its my go to recipe finder.

So whats been the favs?

Ye olde pudding O’rice….

Who doesn’t love a warm gooey bowl of rice pudding

I know I do!

It’s a perfect go to pudding for this wet drab autumn we’ve started and its so easy to make.

I got my recipe by just Googling “simple rice pudding recipe”. Being the internet you need to search a few sites before finding a suitable one.

Me I prefer a hob cooked rice pudding, I’ve never tried a oven one just because I enjoy making hob top ones.

The recipe I used is from BBC good food. The recipe is simple:

  • 75g pudding rice
  • 375ml skimmed milk
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar

That’s it.

Put it all in a pan, bring to the boil, then turn down and simmer for 30-40 minuets.


How hard is that! I love this recipe! I have made it a trillion times and added stuff and taken things away too.

Its gluten free as there’s no gluten elements in all 3 ingredients and Its easily made vegan by swoping milk for soya milk or other milk replacement.

Some changes I have made is:

  • I’ve adding cinnamon
  • A dash of vanilla essence
  • I always reduce the sugar, I feel half a tablespoon of sugar is plenty
  • I’ve replaced sugar with sugar replacement, like honey or agave nectar
  • I’ve added Sweet Freedom choc shot to make it chocolaty good
  • Just as its near finished add a small dollop of vegan butter to it, oh boy does it make it buttery creamy
  • I’ve made it half milk half Alpro soya cream, tbh I often make it this way its so worth the extra calories

There so many options you can do!

And if you make a big enough batch and don’t eat it all in one sitting, I often do, once cooled you can refrigerated it and its good to go another day; eaten hot or cold.

Please make sure guys that you cool any rice based dishes correctly and if re-heating re-heat thoroughly or you could get sick.


Sticky not so chicky….

I found this recipe after I fancied sweet and sour sticky something, just not chicken!

There’s hundreds of recipes out there for a whole load of different style Asian sticky food, but they all seem to be meat based.

Ha! like a meat based recipe ever stopped me making it though!

After many years of being allergic to what seems like life, I have become the queen of adaptation.

You say mince I say lentils, you say chicken I say tofu, you say fish I say….broccoli??

I found this recipe for Crispy sesame chicken with a sticky Asian sauce on the Kitchen Sanctuary site, oh my Batman it sounded delicious.

It was the biggest ingredients list I’ve ever used, most of the time I’m a 4 bits recipe kinda girl, this one had 20 ingredients, 20!

To be honest the ingredients, even thought there was 20 they were mostly cupboard items, salt pepper, honey, soya sauce, flour and oil. So not to scary.

I managed to adapt what I needed, swapping the chicken for Cauldrons marinated tofu, I used Asda’s free from flour and Clearspring gluten free soya sauce except for the egg and honey, I used actual egg rather than a vegan egg replacement purely for laziness reasons (sorry vegan friends) but I am looking at trying it again and making it vegan.


The recipe was surprising easy to follow and to make the shopping aspect easy on the ingredients list on the web page there is little boxes next to the ingredient and when clicked it lines them so you know what you have gotten. Sweet.

The tofu worked surprising well taste wise, except it was fiddly as anything to do! You have to dip your chosen “meat” aka tofu into the corn flour, then the egg then the salt, paprika, flour and garlic salt mix before placing in the oil. Sounds easy right?

Wrong, the tofu is all of 2cm long and once covered in egg and powder a fiddly nightmare to handle and messy! And soooooo time consuming, but I managed and it was worth the 300 finger washes!

The taste was amazing! The crispiness from the tofu mixed with the sweetness from the sauce was beautiful.

It was so nice I had it 3 days in a row!


1 step, 2 step, cake cake cake….

Yes another pudding but I have one mighty sweet tooth.

A 2 ingredient chocolate cake, found by a family member who wanted to try it so we did, its from the Tasty site. It’s certainly not vegan but is gluten free. Not sure if you can make this one vegan but I shall give it ago one day.

  • Ingredient 1- Eggs
  • Ingredient 2- Chocolate

Viola! The ingredients list.

It the simplest yet scummiest recipe for chocolate cake. All you do is melt the chocolate, separate the eggs and add the yellow to the melted chocolate, whisk the whites till its soft peaks then fold that into the mix and bake.

I though it would be a bit yuk if i’m honest, but it was so tasty. You could never guess it only had 2 ingredient in it. And so easy to make.

Unfortunately I feel I may have gobbled it before taking a photo, sorry guys, but trust me it looked and tasted amazing. But here’s a picture of my dog instead, he love my baking!


 Go for forth and finger swipe your way to tasty things!




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