Manchester I love you!!

So this weekend I got to spend a lovey romantic weekend in Manchester, well less romance and more foodmance!

All I did was eat.

And it was amazing!

When I go into the city I try and find eateries I haven’t tried before, little coffee shops of the main street or restaurants with kooky menus. This time I went looking for Chinese food.

Lots and lots of Chinese food!

If there was a stronger word than love to describe what I feel for Chinese food that’s what I feel for it.

Last week I think I ate Chinese or Chinese inspire food almost each night, if it was noodles and vegetables it was all you can eat buffets.

And my Manchester trip was no different, however didn’t just eat Chinese food (although I totally could do all day!) I ventured away from my love to another love mine pizza, I’m a bit of a food addict.

OH dough!….

So in my search through Manchester looking for new gluten free places to eat that also served a vegan option we stumbled upon Dough.

Dough is a pizza kitchen in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The Northern Quarter is my go to food area; its full of dinky little eateries that cater for almost everyone’s needs.

I found out about Dough by Googling gluten free restaurants Manchester and what a good search that was. Dough is super accessible being right in town and its a lovey place. Spacious but not super weird roomy but your not sat on each others knees and there menu is brilliant.

These guys have a brilliant way of showing you what is gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and other options by a colour coded dot system. So all I ha to do is look for the red dot which is gluten free and I’m laughing. The green, blue and yellow dots were vegetarian, vegan or dairy free which is amazing!

After many many minuets deciding on all the option I could do I settled on there gluten free pulled pork pizza with apple ‘slaw. Obvs I couldn’t have the pulled pork so there vegan option was pulled jack fruit, winner!

Oh my batman!

What a mouth delight it was, the base was all floppy but cooked throughout, not floppy like raw. And there apple ‘slaw piled up on top was amazing. I chose the vegan cheese option also and the cheese wasn’t smothered on top like some pizza’s are it was just blobbed which meant when you did hit a bit of cheese it was a taste explosion!

They make everything from scratch which is lovely but when you were as hungry as I was the wait seemed forever. However, cant finish your meal they will plop it in a box for you to take out, hello breakfast!

I will definitely be visiting again as there are far to many option for me not too!


Why hello my love….

Even thought I was literally 3/4 pizza at dinner come a few hours later I wanted Chinese food. I had been Googling again and found a gluten free Chinese restaurant a stones throw away from Dough in the Northern Quarter, Sweet Mandarin.

I had to go!

From the outside it didn’t look anything super impressive, but I like little place tucked away in corners seeming like there just for a special few.

Tonight Matthew I am that special few.

We entered and were greeted by a lovely lady who’s first worlds were “does anyone require gluten free or vegan menu

If this blog played music It would have a multitude of celebratory songs playing!

Finally a place that see’s me first, not just as my boyfriends annoying side order.

We sat near the window it was quiet which I really liked and on opening the menu was instantly in love a million times over!

there menu was so vast for gluten free and vegan options, now there was 2 menu’s. one gluten free the other vegan, so I had to cross check both to see what I could have. Didn’t mind though I was in my element.

I decided on a gluten free option I found on there vegan menu that wasn’t on the gluten free menu, hot and sticky sweet mandarin Cantonese OK sauce tofu.

I’m not religious but I was about to start praying at this menu. And then I saw them, gluten free vegetarian spring rolls.

3 years.

3 years since I have had spring rolls. I had to have them too. The meal was so fast coming out. Within minuets in was in front of me ready to be demolished. I savoured every bite it was probably one of the tastyist if not the tastiest thing I gave every tried.

It was not super sticky but just enough to coat the tofu adequately and talk about portion control. None of this little bitty meals, nope it was a full dish of the tofu and sauce so much I made 3 plates out of it. The spring rolls were perfect, crispy and full to the brim.

I’m pretty sure I dreamt of this place that night, and every night since. The food was amazing and the owners perfect.

This restaurant is featured in a cook book a friend of mine has been involved with, you guys should check it out, its called “It’s cooking good” and its for the Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Follow the link for more information:


Manchester a short but sweet meeting as always ♥









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