Nantwich food festival

I love a good food festival, who doesn’t.

So when I went to the Nantwich food festival this year I was expecting nothing less than delicious.

Erm….kind of.

Size does matter….

Nantwich is a smallish town in Cheshire, surrounded by fields and farms. So I was expecting a smallish festival.


This thing was big! It span basically the whole town center, interweaving between the market and the church area and onto the smaller streets which were filled with the smells of a hundred different stalls.

Although it was bigger than expected I still wasn’t imagining there being many stalls for gluten free or food allergy sufferers.

But again pleasantly surprised.

The stalls….

There were several different stall areas; the homeware, the food markets, the church, the actual market and the food trucks.

Copasting around the stalls you always look first buy later, well normally I do. But on this occasion I brought when I saw.

Now I didn’t seem to much gluten free as there was vegan products. As I’m lactose free and vegetarian too vegan is always a winner!

I did find a few little treats though.

Chocolate always first….

I love chocolate, but milk chocolate hates me!

So I always search out vegan chocolate anywhere I can. I love when people experiment with different flavours and Fiona Sciolti does this.

From her stall I brought her cocoa nibs and peat smoked salt and passion fruit vegan chocolate bars and some caramel fudge. All her chocolate bars and fudge are gluten free.


Cake you always have my heart….

I found Dugan’s patisseries stall tucked in a corner of one of the food halls which was ladened cakes. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to find anything but was drawn in by the cuteness. Surprisingly I was greeted by a gluten free almond and raspberry cake, it had to come home with me.

A brilliant little find.


A Thai delight….

I’ve always insisted I don’t like Thai food and I’m not sure why. But I stepped out of that thought and straight into some vegetable pad thai with tofu from Nui’s kitchen.

I’m always very hesitant to eat from pop up stalls, I just worry about cross contamination more than anything. But I risked it and it was worth the risk.

The mix of flavours was sweet and tangy and I had no issues afterwards.


Food festivals are brilliant for finding food makers who you may have never heard of before but will never forget.

Go search one out and eat your way round!




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