New cup but same old bad belly?

Cups ahoy!

Shopping around I have noticed lots of different types of materials popping up for reusable cups including:

wheat fiber

Wheat fiber is a substance i’ve come across a few times as an ingredient but not as a material.

So what is wheat fiber and is it safe for those with gluten allergies?

Wheat fiber is the bran on the outside part of the wheat grain. Fiber is not absorbed by the body but should be taken as part of a healthy diet.

High fiber can be found in whole grains; it can also be found in fruit and vegetables.  Those with gluten allergies can have a lower fiber intake due to the grain being “de glutened” which can remove some of the fiber properties in the grain.

So is it safe for gluten allergies?

Well… i’m not sure to be honest.

I know ingesting it would not be good, but drinking or eating from a cup made from it, I think it might be ok.

There are several companies out there selling wheat fiber cups and storage containers. It would be really nice to get there feedback on if its safe for gluten allergy sufferers to use.

I’ve contacted several companies to asked if their cups and food storage is safe to use with gluten allergies and if they are aware of any transference between cup and contents we need to be worried about.

But have had no responses yet

companies we want your answers!

It seems like the fiber (straw) is mixed with a small amount of plastic which will help with the water resistance but should also reduce the risk of transference, hopefully.

I have found one companie in America who sell wheat fiber cups and food storage and do state they are gluten free! I have emailed them for some more information and eagerly await their response.

As soon as I know anything, so will you so stay tuned for any updates!






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