Where’s it all going?

Okay who’s hiding it all?

I don’t know if anybody else has noticed but gluten free produce seem to be disappearing of shelves and menu and quickly too!

What’s going on people?

Who’s to blame? Is there a blame to be given or is there another reason?

Trend setter? I think not….

Companies jump on trends I get that, why wouldn’t they, they need to make money and trends will make them tons of the stuff.

The problem is you can’t really have 2 trends at once, can you?

I hate to admit it but gluten free was a trend at one point, which is good for us that can’t have gluten as there was products and foods everywhere; shops, cafes, restaurants and the moon it appeared stocked up. But now veganism is on trend and gluten free appears to have been dumped.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all over veganism I basic am one and it appears the health benefits are noted but it’s taking over the world and appears to be kiboshing gluten free products as it goes.

Why can’t companies just add in a trend to an already existing product line or menu  why do they have to get rid of things?

Who’s dumping who?

So far from talking to restaurants it seems there’s a cost and availability factor to most of the stops in gluten free products.

Take Ed’s diner for instance, my favourite place ever! They have a really good gluten free menu but they have stopped serving their cheesy chips on the gluten free menu, erm why?

I was told by a server in one restaurant that they believe there was an “availability issue” and they can’t get that cheese sauce anymore. OK, fair do’s you can’t get the sauce


What is in gluten free products that’s so rare. Unicorn horn flakes? magical goose eggs?

I have emailed Ed’s to and asked, so we shall see if I get a reply.

Goodlife are another company I love, but again they have de-gluten free’d their nut burgers?


Do companies not realise how difficult it can be to source good pre-made gluten free products.

We like your products please stop taking them off us.

You are not helping our stress!

I have emailed the company to find out so stay tuned folks.

I will get to the bottom of this!






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