Lost and found(ish)?

So as you are aware I have been contacting a few sites and companies about their products and I have a few updates for you all.

A Cupdate….

Last month I contacted a few companies who are selling wheat fiber cups and kitchen storage.

Wheat fiber as in its name you would expect to have wheat in it. I did some research and couldn’t find a massive amount on this material however one of the companies who sell wheat fiber products came back to me.

This is what Ecomended said:

“Our wheat fiber products incorporate the stocks of the wheat, which don’t contain the allergens.  We have many with allergies and sensitivities that use them regularly”

Thank you Ecomended for your response. Still no word from Dexam.

So far it looks like wheat fiber products may be a winner!

Moving on….

Simple answer. No.

I contacted several companies who appear to be shrinking their gluten free lines and menu options.

And 2 have responded so far Goodlife foods and Ed’s diner two of my favorite food suppliers.

Goodlife’s nut burgers are now advertised as “no longer gluten free” and I wanted to know why. This is their response:

“Unfortunately we had to move production of the nut burger to our sister site because we are a nut free site and they handle gluten so we can no longer declare the product as gluten free. We haven’t added any gluten to the product”

Ok, so no added nasties but may be cross contaminated.


I have to admit I haven’t tried the nut burgers since finding out there no longer classed gluten free but I have eaten products that have been made in a factory that also handle gluten (i’m a bit of a rebel!) so  will I try them again, I’m not sure at this time.

If you guys are willing to try them up to you guys, your bodies your decision.

But please be careful, you maybe at risk of cross contamination.

And let me know how you get on.

Say cheese, or not….

Ed’s diner has been my life source for many years now and their cheese fries my oxygen, so when I was told the cheese was no longer gluten free well I was gasping.

I needed to know why. This is Ed’s response:

“Thanks for contacting us. 

Unfortunately we are currently unable to source a gluten-free cheese sauce of the right quality for our cheesy fries – but we hope to resolve this in the future!

Apologies for any inconvenience caused”

Whyyyyy Ed’s why!

What was wrong with your old sauce, did you mum never tell you If it aint broke dont try to fix it.

Hopefully Ed’s can find a replacement and quick.

Thank you to Ecomended, Goodlife and Ed’s diner for their responses and I will keep you updated with any more soon.


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