Advice and support

Ever felt you are the only one suffering?

Want to know is it an allergy or intolerance?

Going on holiday and are worried about your food allergies?

There is nothing more scary than receiving a diagnosis which can change your life.

Finding information about your food allergies and intolerance online can be a minefield. Millions of pages with thousands of snips of information.


With almost 2 decades of personal food allergies to have lived with and many years of clinical practice as a registered nurse Allergic Food can provide you with personal and clinical advice and support around you food allergies.

Thinking of going away on holiday and are worried about what to take, eat whilst your there or even wear.

  • How are you going to communicate your allergies?
  • What do I do if I eat something I shouldn’t have whilst i’m away?
  • How do I know whats safe to eat?

Allergic Foodie can provide online support from a registered nurse and food allergy suffer.

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