Ever had complaints off customers about your allergy menu?

Feel like your staffs service could be more productive?

Want more for your company and staff?

Allergic Foodie can help.

We want all restaurant, cafes and travel experiences to be all inclusive when it comes to food allergy suffers.

However, with food itself we understand that not always going to happen, but all inclusive service should be. Why should anybody be made to feel like the odd one out and segregated when visiting your establishment.

Sometimes simple changes can make the biggest difference, let Allergic Foodie help you with these changes.

As a food allergy suffer for many years I understand the anxiety and sometimes stress of eating out with others. The embarrassment of taking over the table with a folder not a menu ; staff having to go and return several times to your table just to clarify their answers to your questions.

This shouldn’t happen. And we can help.


As a qualified trainer, 8 years as a registered nurse, infection control lead nurse of a mental health unit and nearly 2 decades as a food allergy suffer Allergic Foodie can provide your company with a trifecta of skills from a personal, clinical and training perspective.

Helping to provide your staff with personal experiences of your service, the clinical affect of bad service on food allergy suffers and their companions and the training, support and guidance you may require to make change happen.