How do I know if something is gluten free?

So how do I find out?

This sounds like an easy question, people would presume just look at the label and see


Well, not entirely wrong obviously, but not everything you see on a label is what it seems.

Did you know gluten is not always labeled as gluten on ingredient lists and it can hide in items you wouldn’t ever think to have to check.

Ever checked the ingredients in your lipstick or medication?

What to be aware of?

Most of us with gluten allergies and other food allergies tent to know the main culprits to watch out for.

Gluten free folk are always on the lookout for the big 3:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye

However, some of the less obvious sources  of gluten are (unless labeled as GF):


How can I be certain it is gluten free and safe to eat?

The easiest way to eat safely is only consume products that state:




Other ways to find out if a product is gluten free is looking out for the gluten free logos, these logo are starting to travel the world making eating overseas as easy as at home.


If in doubt don’t eat it,

don’t risk it for a biscuit!


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