How to pack for a trip away?

Where you off to?

Obviously where your traveling too and what for will depend on what suitcase, bag or rucksack you take.

Hello, my names Kate and im a overpacker!

But I don’t need too and neither do you.

The world is becoming more allergy friendly and and recognizing the requirements and importance of good communication. This increased level of communication is helping us with food allergies to relax more and pack less.

However, accidents can happen even with the best of us packers so here are some simple tips on what to pack to help your holiday be the best holiday you make it.

Tea, snacks and nibbles

There is no wrong destination to travel to, you travel where you want to travel.

Yes there are countries out there that you might find easier to communicate your allergies in and some you may struggle with. But that doesn’t mean you don’t visit them you just prep beforehand and research that area your going for allergy suitable places to eat.

One thing I do tend to look for in destinations, well in my choices of rooms to be precise, are tea and coffee facilities.

This isn’t because I’m British and require tea like humans require air (well kind of is) but because rooms with tea facilities have kettles in them

With hot water you can make small meals which my tide you over until you can find a suitable place to eat.

There are a few “staples” I will always take with me no matter where I travel which I can use a bit of hot water to make and they travel really well.

My first time overseas with a gluten allergie I stuffed my bag full of these and good job I did they were belly savers.

Don’t forget no matter what country you are in fruit and vegetable are always available to nibble on.

Baggy trousers?

Yes baggy trousers. Anyone who has had a food allergy reaction understands all you want is to be comfortable and free from discomfort.

So baggy clothing is an essential when going away. This can be a comfy pair of trousers and a baggy t-shirt, nightdress, shorts or even onsey. As long as you are comfortable that’s all that matters.

When you are having a reaction you will probably feeling sick, hot and uncomfortable in your skin as you stomach bloats. The last thing you will want is restrictive clothing.

I have a few favourites that I always take with me on holiday, a horrid yet comfy black slip dress; which is perfect for when it’s warm and your belly is bloated and a pair of super baggy dungarees again more room for movement.

Please don’t ever be ashamed of your body, it will change if you are having a reaction and this is normal and dressing accordingly is perfectly fine.


A hot water bottle or heat pad

Research has shown that warmth to your stomach when your having cramps can help wonders. So why wouldn’t you take that relife on holiday with you.

You might not be able to take a hot water bottle with you due to restrictions on weight and space you have in your luggage but hand warmers can work just as good and there a tiny size so less space and weight.

Don’t forget, don’t hold the hand warmers or hot water bottles directly to you skin always use a cover and don’t squeeze or press to hard on them to reduce the risks of burns and scaldings.

Hand warmers can be found in many stores and are inexpensive. However, many contain liquid so please bare this in mind.

Most airlines now will not let you fly with particular fluids in your hand luggage, so you will need to store them in your main suitcase for travel. Or purchase them at the airport on when you arrive at your destination. And always dispose of them correctly unless they are reusable.


You may be prescribed medication to help with your allergies or utilise over the counter medication when you need to. Always make sure you have your medication with you and have notified the travel insures of this.

If you are travelling overseas make sure you have what your medication is to treat in the language of where you are staying. This will make communication between yourselves and the healthcare professionals easier if you do become unwell.

Please make sure that if you are suffering from an upset stomach you take fluid regularly especially when in hotter climates.


Always consult your doctor before taking any over the counter medication. Be aware of side effects and contact health care professional if you have any concerns.

Please see the disclaimer policy for further details. 

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