Ready, steady, homeCOOK!

Date night in the livingroom….

With Covid-19 restriction still in play and the UK in full lockdown dining out has once again had to stop.

So dining in is the new eating out!

You don’t need to be the next Gordon Ramsey to make a tasty home cooked meal

All you need is some bits and bobs from the shops, a spinkle of imagination and sometimes (in my case) a whole lot of courage!

My mam Suewie, wasn’t a michelin star chef but what she made was simple and tasty but she was a really good baker. I have followed lots of her recipies throughout Covid lockdown, so I thought I would share some of my favorites from her as well as some of my home cooked meals I have made.

All the recipies are gluten free and vegan, however they can be adapted for your dietary needs like I have done for mine.

I have added an “inspired by….” section. In this section you will find recipes that I have found from well known people, sites and books that I have adapted to suit a GF and vegan diet.

You won’t find anything super fancy and all the ingredents can be found in your local supermarket, farmers market. online shops or corner shop.

And if you have any recipies you have found but are unsure how to adapt them give me a shout and I will be happy to help and be your taste tester!

I have added a recipe section to the site with some recipies live now, however its still under constuction so please be bear with me whilst I add on the deliciousness!

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