Vegan market fun!

Off to the market I go….

I’ve said it before and will say it again local and artisan markets are brilliant places to find unique vendors selling amazing products.

They are also a great way to support and put money back into the local community so its a win win in my book.

Last Saturday I visted Chester vegan market put on by Vegan Market Co.

Chester is an amazing city and has plenty to do even without a market, but this just adds to the delights.

If you are new the the arisan market scene you might think the market was on the smaller side compared to your “normal” markets but like alot of the artisan markets its quality over quantlty which is most important and this market did not disappoint.

All my favourites in one place….

If, like me you have favourite sellers its always handy to know where they are attending so you can keep yourself stocked up.

Social media is a great place to keep up to date and plan your next shopping trip.

Make sure that you are following and sharing posts by them, as supporting and promoting local businesses is really important. Also follow the buisnesses who organise and run artisan markets as they will often share who will be attending and you may find some new vendors to follow.

I was aware that a few of my favourite sellers were going to be at the Chester vegan market so I knew it was a must.

Remember though, don’t just stick to your normal markets. Attend markets that are new to you as you never know what little gems you may find.

The sellers I was looking forward to seeing were Taylors artisan free from bakers and pie makers and a new find Coco brownies. I was also hoping White Rabbit kitchen would be there as they are based in Chester and they were!

I was also super happy to see Lotus V were here which made my day as lunch was sorted, well breakfast actually as I got there early to grab some goodies.

Pies, pies, pies….

Like the good northen girl I am, I was raised on pies and by heck do I love them!

When I told to stop the gluten there was a hundred thoughts that went through my mind, what can I eat? Will I just live on vegetables? Can I find alternatives to my favourite meals?

And sadly pies were initally one of those meals I struggled to find.

I know me moaning about not having pies sounds sad but when your as restricted as I am you really do just miss the simplest of things.

Initally I was making my own but they were so so. Then I stumbled across Taylors pies at my local artisan market.

We got talking and I purchased a few pies to try. I was informed they could be frozen at home which is brilliant as my work schedule doesnt always allow for tea when I get home so freezing food is best practice for me.

And from then I’ve been hooked.

They offer so many different flavours and pie style options. They also provide seasonal recipes which are brilliant as that Christmas day sorted!

One helpful thing about Tayors pies is the offers they have running. This gives you the option of purchasing mutliple pies and save money at the same time.

This market I went especially for their porkless pies. As weird as this may sound coming out of a vegan’s mouth I loved pork pies. Obviously I would never eat a meat one so to find a GF vegan alternative is amazing!

When people ask me to describe a porkless pie its not super easy, it tastes like what I can remember pork pies to taste like but not meaty and not as squidy which I prefer. Taylors have also managed to put jelly in their pie, which just adds to the deliciousness. However, if you choose to freeze the porkless pies you can, but on defrosting the jelly will not set.

I have not frozen the porkless pies as they don’t tent to stay around to long in my fridge.

Top tip – Add some tasty pickle to the porkless pie to increase its tastiness. My go to pickle is always Cottage Delight traditional pickle, yum yum!

Coco I shall….

After falling into a google pit searching for new and exciting vendors I stumbled across Coco brownies who were attending Chester’s vegan market.

These guys provide free from brownies and bakes which are all GF, dairy free and palm oil free.

What can be better,

Halloween specials thats what!

GF, vegan and halloween my money was out of my purse quicker than Mr Bolt of his starting blocks.

What drew me in was their bronuts, a brownie doughnut mashup.

I’m not a fan of cold doughnuts, I do like the holey ones out of the fryer with sugar on but alas I have yet to find GF vegan ones. If you know of someone who does them let me know.

I do, however, enjoy a good brownie. Although I tend not to choose them in restaurants as thats normally the only option and gets really boring quickly.

But the mashup intrigued me.

Their stand was so visually appealing and the guys were lovely. Obviously I had to go to the Halloween section and got myself a spiderweb bronut, a caramel skull and a orange brownie pumpkin.

I was told that if I zapped the pumpkin and bronut in the microwave for 10 seconds it hightens the enjoyment, they weren’t wrong. Just a quick pip in chef mike had them all gooey and squidgy and blinking lovely.

The skull was a little tasty treat perfect to go with my afternoon brew.

Cheesey goodness….

White Rabbit kitchen are a company I first met at the Northwich vegan market and purchased some lovely camembert and a cute pin to match.

And was really happy to see them here at Chester with all their tasty cheeses.

I was planning on buying some other cheese options but I ended up going for the camembert again. It was such a good vegan cheese.

Most people will tell you vegan cheese has a very distinct smell especially warmed up, like someone threw up in a trainer. A horrid description but kind of correct and will clear a room. And yesr I am talking from experience.

Thankfully, for the rest of the folk that live in my household, White Rabbit kitchen’s cheese does not smell like this and tastes amazing. So I’m allowed to eat this inside my house, yipee!

I promise next time I will try some alternative they sell and let you guys know what they are like, If there anything like their camembert i’m in for a win.

Prawn crackers for breakfast is ok, right?….

Lotus V I met again at the Northwich vegan market. And again I had their delicious food for breakfast, well brunch I suppose.

Asian food is my ultimate food choice and I would happily survive of Asian food for the rest of my life.

The problem is most Asian food places I have visited are not great for GF folk. Yes they have GF food options but its often cooked in multi use cookers and preperations areas which will cause cross contamination which we all know is a nightmare.

Want to know more about cross contamination and the ways it can happen, click here to find out more.

Lotus V as a company that sell GF and vegan food items on their website, however at the markets they cook GF and vegan Asian meals including drumsticks, chicken style satay sticks and vegan prawn crackers! Blinking prawn crackers guys!!

Last time I had their sweet and sour veggies with rice and a side of drumstick and satay stick. This time I opted out of the rice and veggies and just went all sides and brought multipule to eat at home.

Yer they never made it home, to be honest everything but one packet of prawn style crackers didn’t even make it to the car.

I have no idea what there flavouring is but its the tastiest thing ever.

I cannot wait for them to be round here soon so I can get my fill again.

Well I am happy to report the Chester vegan market was again a huge win for me. Many items purchased, many eaten there on the spot and thoroughly enjoyed.

I am watching the social medias like hawk and will be hopefully catching up with these vendor very soon.

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