Gluten free is not a fashion statement!

It’s called fashion darling….

Trends come and go throughout the world from cars to fashion to baby names and everything in between, including food trends. 

It seems that your not in fashion unless your following the “in” diet for the season.

So far I’ve been witnessed to many including The Adkins diet, Paleo, vegetarianism, The zone diet, raw foods, veganism and gluten free.

Yes Im vegetarian but my choice was never by trend it was for ethical reasons. I can’t remember though how many times people asked me was I doing this because it was the “in” thing, even my parents believed it was a phase.

Erm, no.

Around the 2013/2014 gluten free was all over the place and the production of gluten free foods boomed. It was the wonder diet; it will make you healthier and live longer and celebs and the public lapped it up.

This trend was amazing for those with gluten allergies, they could eat in places they never were able to before and shop in regular supermarkets easier than ever. I wasn’t gluten free at this time but I had a very close school friend who was. I has seen the hardship she had gone through finding food before the GF boom and surviving of her prescripted foods, it was not fun to watch but it was fun to see her when the gluten free trend was here.

The stats….

Its estimated that in 2018 the UK freefrom market is worth £837 million and increased by 133% between 2013-2018. Although those of us with food allergy diagnosis are a growing group the majority of the increase appears to be due to the trend of being gluten free rather than for medical reasons

So why is that a bad thing?

Well because trends don’t stay around!

It seems that at this time the trend is veganism and with this new trend the gluten free market is shrinking and quickly.

Bye bye easy reach….

I’m not dissing veganism, I love the vegan diet I’m basically a vegan with my lactose intolerance and due to the dairy market being so questionable with their standards of care for the animals.

Vegans are not the problem, the food producers are.

They don’t seem to be able to manage more than one trend at a time. I fully understand that trend’s bring in the money. There is not point producing food that no one will purchase because because there not “in” trend but what I think they have forgotten is that there is not many people that have an allergy to meat but there is plenty of us allergic to gluten.

The food industry need to be reminded of this, we need to remind them of this.

Yes introduce new food and new trends but make sure that you are still providing those of us with food allergies the accessibility to your products and to the food you provide.

GF fasjon







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