That’s dipping good!

Hi my name is Kate and I have a problem….

My problem being I have a addiction to condiments!

Those beautiful sauces that just land on your meal making a boring chip into a wonder in the mouth and a tradition roast into a feast for the senses

The problem with having this addiction is there is gluten rammed into many sauces making them untouchable for those of us with gluten allergies

But fear not Allergic Foodie is here to help!

I have wandered long and far (to town) to help with our sauce finding mission, but alas they are few, however these few are tasty!

The classic….

Always a winner for me, the trusty mayonnaise, this is a staple in my diet

Gluten free mayo is a condiment which isn’t that rare, most supermarkets now have there own version but for me the best out there at the moment is Follow your Hearts veganaise.

Both gluten free and vegan is a win win

It taste just like “normal” mayo does, I have tried several other brands but I always end up coming back to this one. Follow your heart have such a wide variety of gluten free products but unfortunately they are not all available in the UK which is a bit pants really but what they do have over hear is nice. There products can be a little costly but worth it.


My naughty little secret…..

I am trying to keep to my vegan diet for physical health reasons but this little bottle of goodness helps me slipped of the wagon oh to easily.

Crucial’s sauces are tasty and such good prices. You can pick up one of their sauce for as little as £1 and they are not shy in size either!

All there sauces are vegetarian, about half a vegan and 24 out of 26 are gluten free.

I have found that there not normally stocked in your big supermarkets but in smaller retailers, somewhere you would not expect them to be.

That’s why when out always shop around, that’s when you find the good stuff.

burger sauce

Inspired? I am….

I find to get the best for your money and most suited for your dietary needs you need to shop in more than one store, I do mine over a day and visit 6 plus shops. I know everyone can’t do this and it would be lovely if everything was under one roof for those times you cant shop all day, but if you can, I say do it.

One of the best stores for little treats and fantastic deals is Aldi,  Aldi had a vegan event on the other week featuring Inspired Vegan. This brand make some lovely sauces and their marie rose is so tasty. I’ve also tried there honey mustard salad dressing which again was very tasty. Unless I’m not Google right I cant seem to see a website for Inspired Vegan but there are plenty of online retailers and in person retailers who stock this brand so definitely one to try.



A Chips best accessory….

As the good northern girl that I am for me you can not have chips without vinegar, its a law i’m sure of it.

But alas, the gluten monster ruins most things vinegar being one of them.

So when I was offered vinegar on my chips from my local chip shop The Jolly Roger fish bar, who know i’m gluten free, I thought they had made a mistake but they hadn’t.

When they showed me the bottle it said those 3 words everyone wants to hear….

“suitable for coeliacs”

Not only do they use this product they also sell this to the customers, winner!

Made by Glu 2 go  it tastes just like “normal” vinegar it goes perfect with your chips.



And if you don’t want to be to naughty….

I believe life is about balance, half work half play, half spending half saving, half waist deep in chocolate half salad consumer

I really enjoy salad and salad really enjoys dressings

There are several brand out their that produce salad dressing suitable for gluten allergies but not all are also vegan

But fear not, our friends from Follow your heart have you covered on this front too.

Now I don’t want to spoil a good salad by launching a ton of dressing at it, but a bit on the side or drizzled over is just fine and their honey mustard dressing is perfect for this.

I have yet to try another of their flavoured dressings but I shall, so watch this space


Life can be bland at times but your food doesn’t have too, tart it up a little and add some condiments your taste buds will love you for it!

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