The tale of the coffee shops and the disappearing food

Am I wrong? Or just a moaner….

I would like to think I am like most folk out in this wild world that we live, in that when I am out shopping or meeting with friends we can go to our local coffee shop have a drink and a quick bite to eat

Well I cant!

Well not easily anyways,

On my frequent visits to the local high street coffee shops I have been noticing a reduction, and in some cases complete disappearance, of gluten free food items.

I don’t mean that the classic GF brownie that everywhere sells next to their tills, I mean a sandwich or a nice cake

It seems to be disappearing like we no longer need to eat; just drink coffee

I don’t understand?

Is it due the fact those with gluten allergies don’t go to coffee shops often enough so there is no need for them to supply food or is it that they just don’t provide GF free food?

Now don’t get me wrong there are “snacks” I have found in coffee shops like the newly named “till brownie”, a bag of crisps or a cookie floating around but that to me is a snack, its not a quick bite to eat

Its just frustrating, its hard enough to find quick meals on the high street as is at least you would hope a coffee shop could help you out, but alas that is not

or is it?



Not to say I have favourites, but its my favourite coffee shop. So it makes me sad to think they have over looked such a big market as the GF one.

I have been to many a Starbucks, in the UK and overseas and collected the mugs to prove that and in all I have been to I have been unable to eat.

Starbucks do have a very very few GF options; they advertise on their website a GF cheeses and ham panini and I think I’ve seen and chicken and pesto panini too but its not on the UK website but will show up on Google if you Google GF Starbucks UK, weird.

Unfortunately both contain meat so not for the vegetarians/vegans.

They also have a 5 grain porridge which I believe is gluten free however, their website is not the easiest to figure out as some pages load the ingredients and some don’t.

Either way 3 possible options is very limited and only 2 seem to be available in the UK which is worse.

And if your meat free, crisp it is.





I think, well up North anyways, that Costa is more present on our high streets than a Starbucks.

I have 2 in my little town, which is good as they make lovely coffee and but again they only have a few GF food options.

So “a quick bite to eat” to me is either a smaller meal, one you can eat just to top you up, or a meal on the go.

Costa appear to have some quick meal options but no on the go meals. On the go meals is a big hole in the GF market and someone needs to fill it quick.

We’re getting hungry!

Their website is clear and you can easily find what you are after.

Their GF options are soups; tomato and basil and roasted carrot and coriander both GF and both vegan. Perfect for a lunch stop!

They also have a chicken salad, spinach and egg pot and porridge, all GF none vegan.

They have several snacks, but again snacks not meals.

And the tradition till brownie makes an appearance again!

I did find however a vegan ham and cheese sandwich, which would be perfect if on GF bread!



Pret a manger  

This is a coffee shop I overlook I have to admit, but no more!

I have just had a look at their websites allergen menu and its rammed full of food suitable for GF diets.

Now I can’t say for definite that all the menu options will be available at all stores and they do state that they can not guarantee cross contamination and due to this not suitable for allergy suffers, but oh boy do they have some options.

Their site is very easy to read and there allergen guide is really detailed which is always appreciated.

You guys know your body and the risks you take each day finding food, so it is your choice to try new things but I would say see what hey have to offer before making your choices.



The Coffee House

This is a local company to me, not many stores but what store they do have are beautiful.

I popped in a few days back to see what theses guys could offer me being new I was hoping they would be all over catering for everyone,

erm, nope not really

No quick meals or meals to go only a very few snacks.

I didn’t see a till brownie though but a did see a cookie!

The cookie was delicious and I would defiantly go back for another but I was again really let down by their lack of actual food for GF folk.

There website was nice but totally lacking in any menus or ingredients lists. I’m not sure if this is due to them having several different shops which all serve different foods or what.

I have emailed them to see if any of their stores provide GF meals or if they are considering GF options for their future menus.

So maybe there are a few options out there but not much

Coffee shops listen to me start small ,were not asking for a full menu just a sandwich here and there, maybe a wrap but please don’t forget us,we enjoy eating as well as drinking your coffees! 








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