A staycation whoopsie!

The destinantion….

With Covid-19 still hanging around and restrictions still in place; like most of us I have opted for a staycation rather than going abroad this year.

And why the heck not, the UK has some beautiful desinations and attractions to discover.

I have family scattered all over the UK; so theres nothing better than family, food and free accomodation!

I decided to venture down to my aunts and uncles in Bournemouth. I used to visit them regually but life has gotten in the way over the last few years so its been a while since Ive been there, so im looking forward to holiday.

If you have never been to Bournmouth and the surrounding areas it is a UK must, the beaches are amazing!


The prep….

UK or not I still prep before I go anywhere, especially if its a holiday not just a quick day out.

Ive noticed the big supermarkets don’t always stock the same products throughout there stores so I always make sure I take some staples with me. This time some of my staples were:

  • Morrisons free from oats- super handy for a quick breakfast, flapjacks and even crumble on pasta bakes
  • Asda free from pasta –  I know loads of places now sell pasta which is brilliant, but I prefer Asda’s to the others ive tried I feel it the best taste and texture feels like traditional pasta
  • Sacla vegan tomato pesto – in my books the best pesto ever and match with the Asda pasta to make a perfect for a quick snack
  • Linda McCartney’s linconshire sausages – these are like hens teeth. So rare in shops, they are a must on my travels. Fantastic in casserolls or on a good old sausage sandwich
  • Arla lactose free mature chedder – shops are now flooded with vegan cheese’s, which is fantastic, but there not stocked with lactose free cheeses. Sometime I just need milk based cheese (I blame the hormones!). Arla’s lactose cheeses taste just like “normal” cheese with none of the nasty side effects thankfully.
  • Aldi unsweetened soya milk– ive tried many a saya milk but I always return to Alid’s. I feel its the creamiest
  • Tetley red bush – Im a northern girl so I don’t go anywhere without my brew making matirials

I like to make sure that I have at least 1 main meal and a breakfast meal (and a brew!) on arrival to any desination so If I do struggle to find food at least I have a simple days worth of food with me.

Don’t forget to have a look at the area your travelling to and see what other food suppiers are around: independent shops, farms, artisan markets, general markets and local restaurants and eateries.

Becoming a GF jedi…. 

My family are fully aware of my condition but Its the first time Ive visted them with on my GF diet and I don’t think they were expecting the challange!

On arrival my aunt offered to make us tea, we were having pitta’s with lamb kebabs, tzatziki and salad.

Erm, thats a nope, nope, nope and a yes from me!

I asked if we could go to a larger supermarkets as I knew they would have a better selection of items for me, so we went to Sainsburys.

Good job we did I hit the jackpot!!

I was planning on having falafals and salad as there easier to find than kebabs that are GF and vegan but to my suprise Sainsburys sorted me out with their Moroccan vegbabs. filled with flavor and no nasties.


I added them to home made tzatziki made with Alpro plain soya yoghurt (couldn’t get their Greek style as its only in Morrisions I think) and Bfree pitta bread, perfect!

Whilst I was there I got lots of bits a bobs ready for the next few days.

My auntie couldn’t believe the amount of food I had to purchase just to eat the same meals as everyone else was eatting.

On arriving home she started tea. I wouldn’t like to say I monitored her as that seems like I didn’t trust her but I don’t trust anyone who isnt a allergy suffer. Purely because people go into auto mode and do silly whoopsys.

Luckly she had a tray set aside for me that she had just cleaned and was ready for the kebabs. Sorted.

However, on making the pittas, which she likes to toast on her open flame on the stove top. She used the same utencil to pick up my pitta as she used for the none GF pittas.

Now some people might think I’m being a bit OTT there but trust me when I say a small amount of gluten can set me off quickly so I need to be so careful.

I am not one for telling people how to cook in their own kitchens but I also know she would be really upset if she posioned my by accident. So I spoke up, and she cleaned the utencil before using it on my pitta.

Please dont think just because your in someone else home and their cooking for you that you can’t speak up, trust me people will prefer to be corrected that having a unwell guest caused by them.


I feel yuk….

My own food brought with me from home – 

Own food purchased in supermarket –

Family being especially careful on cooking my food –

Me watching everyones moves at meals times to make sure cross contamination doesnt happen –

Yet 2 days in its starts!

The stomach cramps, the sweating, confusion, tireness, the aggitation, restless nights, issues with the poop, the back pain oh the back pain and the bloat. So much bloating!

What had I eaten!

I thought back to all the items I had eaten over the past few days and all were things I have had before, so where did I go wrong.

I check my lables again and their it was right in front of me on my mango chutney- Ingredents BARLEY!

Why did I not check my lables in the store!

I was being followed by the security guard in the store that I brought the chutney from, im guessing he didnt like my fashion sense but still lable checking is GF 101!

Luckly im a good little prepper and made sure I brough some clothing just in case this happens, phew. Big pants for the win!

All I can do when I get a posioning is wear comfy clothes, lots of warmth around my belly to help with the cramps. Hot water bottles are perfect for this and plain food. Anything to spicy irrates whats already irratated. And rest, your body is trying to fight through this it needs time to rest.

Check out my tips and advice section here for more advice and useful tips for travelling with allergies and what to do if you do get a food mishap whilst away.

I tried not to let my posioning ruin my holiday and still managed to get out and about and find some goodies.

Goodie blog to come!

ice me


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