Hogsmeade at home

A fan for life….

As you probably already know I am a huge Harry Potter fan! I’m that much of a fan my entire hallway is dedicated to the films!

Last year I got to visit the Harry Potter studio tour, it was amazing to look round but not the greatest to eat at if your GF sadly.

The one food item I wanted to try more than anything else was Butterbeer.

The butterscotch flavoured non-alcholic beer found in The Three Broomsticks and The Hogs Head in Hogsmeade and now at the studio tour.

When we arrived at the eatery my brain directed me straight to the Butterbeer stand and I got 2 beers and 2 ice creams, I was in love!

Luckily my boyfriend didn’t like it so I scored his too, win win for me!

The only issues with a high is that theres normally a low that follows and that there was, the low being I craved Butterbeer but you can only get in within the tour in the UK

Now, there’s many a folk out there that have replicated Butterbeer at home but its just not the same, close but still not right.

Then a miracle happened!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London only started selling the blinking stuff in their online shop and they deliver it to your house!

Oh you beauty….

The minuet I was told the tours website was selling it I was on there so quick I think steam was coming out of my fingers

And there it was, beautiful Butterbeer bottled up and ready to be purchased and purchased it was.

There is a max limit you can purchase which is 3 bottles and at £5.95 for the 275ml bottle its not the cheapest but I think its worth it.

I purchased the max 3 and then watched my letterbox awaiting its arrival.

4 days later on my door step its here!

On opening there was 3 individual boxes beautiful decorated in magical illustrations

The bottles themselves are classic in design, the non-alcholic beer is brewed in the UK and again decorated beautifully by MinaLima.

The best part of Butterbeer is that is GF and vegan!

I opened a bottle as soon as it arrived and it was as I remebered from the tour, butterscotchie goodness!

The only difference at home Butterbeer has to the tours Butterbeer is the bubbles. On the tour the top your beer with silky smooth bubbles made fom something magical, that at home beers doesnt have them but it still so tasty and moresh.

I will most definantly be purchasing more as I feel I have a Butterbeer addiction!

Plus Christmas is coming so maybe presents?

At home drinking my Butterbeer I feel like im at The Three Broomsticks with Harry, Hermione and Ron comfy, relaxing and enjoying our beers.

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