Allergies .v. Coronavirus

The virus….

As i’m guessing everyone is aware of the Coronavirus has swept through our world like wild fire,

The world is at a stand still,

But what does a global pandemic do for those of us with food allergies?

It restricts us more than we could ever think off,

and that can be a scary place.

Coronavirus is targeting all people.

As of yet there has been no guidance on whether those of us with food allergies, especially those with Coeliac’s as it is a autoimmune disorder, are at any higher risk than those without food allergies

That being said, we know our bodies and we know when we have been poisoned or are feeling not quiet right and that food may have been the cause

We need to be even more protective of ourselves and our well being, both mental and physical health, and be as proactive as we can to maintain a good diet

Coeliac UK have some really good upto date info on Coronavirus, its worth checking out

Shops stresses….

I am a mental health nurse, so unlike a many people in the UK I can not stop working, which means shopping for food becomes even harder.

All of the big UK supermarkets have had to restrict the amount of people in their stores to abide with the guidelines set by our government to reduce social interactions, and so they should

However, by reducing the amount of people in a store and the times we can shop, leads to more people panic buying and lines that last for hours outside to get in

Add that to 13 hour shifts, starting and ending before and after the shops opening times leads to a very hungry and worried me!

Understandably not everyone with food allergies is also a nurse so some of you guys do have a bit more flexibility to shop, but is there anything to actually shop for?

Like has the shelves been emptied?

Are people stock piling?

Well yes, yes they are.

But here’s where the issue are bigger for us….

If the general “I cant eat anything” public purchase all their food items leaving their shelves bare, they will eventually go to our section and purchase ours instead

And it happening!

I totally understand that If you have a family, or even just your self, and you need food  and there is only the GF food options left you will buy that food.

But we cant! 

We cant purchase non-GF foods as we have conditions whether it be allergy, intolerance or auto immune condition that restricts what we are eating for medical reasons it is not a choice!

We cant just pop to our local corner shop and grab snacks, many of the smaller retailers don’t stock “food” items only sweet treats

We cant survive on treats, like everyone else we need proper meals to sustain the healthiest lifestyle we can and some of us need it more than ever

We cant always “just make” what we need as GF base ingredients are being consumed too


So whats the solution….

Be prepared!

Now i’m not encouraging stock piling at all, as this is why were are in this blinkin situation we are in

but what i’m saying is be prepared.

Stock piling is purchasing 10 bag of pasta when its only you and the dog!

♥  Being prepared is buying 2 instead of 1 bag of pasta

♥  Maybe swapping pasta for spiralled veggies instead

♥  Meal prep, make sure that you are basing your meals on items you can get hold of         easier

♥  Try and make items for you meals yourself, use your time efficiently try cooking or baking you my enjoy it!

♥  Recipe swap, we as food allergy suffers are some of the most creative people out there when we need to be, swap these ideas you might help someone out big time

♥  Plan your shop, like real plan, make plan B if plan A is all out. Sod it, make a plan C D & E if you have to, just make sure you leave with something you can eat!

♥  Ask others for help. I know we are being told to socially distance and only go out if its especial but we all need a little help at times. Ask family or friends to see if they can find items in there local stores that you are desperate for and as them to do drop offs at the door. No contact just support


We shall get threw this together, 

I will keep updating the website and social media of handy recipes, top tips and advice as best I can at this super busy time for me, but mostly

Stay safe, stay informed and try not to worry ♥ 






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