Could your diet be affecting your sexy time?

The presumptions….

When explaining to people that I have a food allergy they automatically think one of two things happen when I eat something I shouldn’t.

I go into full anaphylaxis or explosive stomach problems,

which for some of us this is the case.

But for others our symptoms can be not what is expected from a food allergies.

Random or related?

I have spoken to many people with different food allergies, intolerance and coeliacs, all have said they suffer with the usual culprits- the belly aches, the toilet troubles and discomfort.

However, many described what seem to be random symptoms

But are they?

or are they all related to our food or are some just a red herring?







Although the thought of being confused and tired not wanting to have sex and everything in your fridge smelling like its gone off sounding horrible, if we stick to our allergy free diet, exercise, sleep well and maintain a good work life balance these unexpected side effects should be little no concern for us.

If you are experiencing any of these side effect or any other symptoms please speak to your healthcare professional.




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