Domino’s dominope!

The world is a tough place to living at the moment with the coronavirus ruling over us all but there are things in life that can make it easier,



Binge watching TV,


Erm, yer scrap that last one!

For some reason Domino’s thought it was a good idea to stop making/selling GF pizza’s during the pandemic

Like finding good takeout food isn’t hard enough normally!

I wanted to know why so I emailed there customer service department.

I asked;

” I have noted on your website that you are currently running a simplified menu, which is understandable during the pandemic situation.
However, I have been contacted by several of my readers who have asked why you have stopped selling your gluten free pizza options.

During the pandemic restrictions food allergies suffers are being hit hard, we find eating out difficult in normal situation and the restriction currently in place are making this more difficult for our community to source good take away products.

We understand that gluten free pizza’s may not be your largest sellers but our community enjoy your products and have felt let down by yourselves for removing the gluten free option.
Can I ask why you have removed the gluten free pizza option from your menu? “

I was expecting to be waiting for ages for a response as I know a lot of companies are working either from home or on small staffing levels.

I was surprised when a hour or so later I had a response.

They said;

Thank you for contacting us,
We’re really sorry, but to ensure our teams instore can maintain safe working distances we are running a simplified menu. Currently, we are unable to offer Gluten Free pizzas as we can no longer guarantee the gluten free status.

These changes won’t be forever! They have been put in place temporarily as we work to continue delivering to the nation during these challenging times. We continue to closely monitor the situation and when we can, items will be added back to the menu.

Kind Regards

Domino’s Customer Care Team”

Hmmmm, not sure that make full sense to me.

By all means a huge thank you to the customer care team for answering so quickly, but no GF due to the fact they can’t guarantee the GF status?

But why?

I have a lot of friends who have and still do work at Domino’s and I know their shop set ups pretty well, so I asked them why they thought they had stopped selling GP pizza

I (and a few of them) think due to the fact that there are smaller staffing level so they can abide to the social distancing and add the fact that the entire nation are going take away mad they just don’t have the time to clean and prepare the area correctly to make a GF pizza to the standard the want.

Hopefully it wont put the GF community off Domino’s

Understandable but a shame

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