Easy meals from around the world via your supermarket!

I’m bored….

I don’t think I have ever cooked so much food for myself since the lockdown has started and I have to admit i’m really missing eating out at the moment but we have to keep plodding on and beat this virus.

Home cooked food doesn’t mean that we have to eat the same food all the time but being creative with cooking can be tough when restrictions are in place and the world seems a little uninspiring.

At the beginning of the lock down I was a pasta and sauce girl, the veggie curry girl and the classic beans and jacket potato girl but it got boring and it got there fast.

I’m not the greatest of cooks but I needed to change it up,

So I decided to make theme nights for myself, I wouldn’t say these aren’t traditional meals from the counties I themed but my interpretation


με αγάπη από την Ελλάδα….

I have been to Greece once and I absolutely loved it and need to go again. Whilst I was there I wasn’t eating gluten free but I was vegetarian and lactose intolerant. The food I experienced was some of the best food I had ever tasted and I’m excited to return to experience it as a gluten free visitor see what they have to offer.

For me the peppers were something I always remember from Greece, big red shiny peppers filled with feta cheese or simply roasted served with fresh salad.

For my Greek dish I did stuffed red peppers served with seasoned sweet potato wedges and fresh salad, beautiful.


The peppers are stuffed with quinoa, onion and peas topped with Arla lactose free cheese. I used lactose free cheese instead of vegan cheese in particular dish as vegan cheese has a heavy flavor and can, at times, over power the rest of the dish. This lactose free cheese doesn’t, its flavoursome without being over powering.


भारत से प्यार के साथ….

I really enjoy Indian food but Indian food doesn’t always love me. I seem to have issues due to the cream that is added to a lot of there dishes also I can’t handle spicy food (bloody English pallet!).

The great thing about Indian food is they use a lot of gram floor in their cooking which is gluten free, however be careful as even GF foods are most often cooked with non-gluten free foods causing cross contamination.

Always check.

For my Indian dish I wanted to stay away from a curry as I had had a lot since lockdown, so I oped for Marks and Spencer vegan tempura onion bhajis served with boiled potatos, a simple salad with artichokes and drizzled in the mango and chilli dip that comes with the onion bhajis.


The tempura onion bharjis are the nicest bharjis I have ever tasted. They are very squidgy and flavoursome and teamed with the dipping sauce and absolute taste pleasure.

However, these guys are not marked/sold as GF but do not list any gluten containing ingredients. I took a risk with these and it payed off, no side effects just tastyness.

(p.s. sorry about the blurry picture it seemed some much clearer on my phone)



Chinese style food is my life source, if I could only eat one style of food forever it would be this.

As I live in a little town the local Chinese restaurants and takeaways closed so I have had to attempt make my own,

and to some success too!

I have yet to attempt to make certain items from my favourite dishes but I have tried the simpler items.

For my Chinese meals I decided on GF veggie spring rolls from Marks and Spencer’s, Quorn pieces, peas, rice noodles and my favourite (not really Chinese) GF cooking sauce Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen Caribbean pineapple and chilli sticky sauce.


Again Marks and Spencer’s have hit a home run with these spring rolls, crispy but not dry or cardboardy. Team that with the sweet chilli tang from the sauce makes for a delicious meal.

Don’t be bored with your cooking and if your not the greatest of cooks then there are food providers out there in your supermarkets who can help you out.


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