Sometimes you just need chocolate….

Firstly, hello again!

Sorry ive been AWOL, sometimes life just gets in the way and takes over, but I’m back and ready go!

Restrications in the UK are being lifted which is great but the pandemic is still here and its kind of sad

The sad that makes me crave chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate

Since going full vegan on top of my gluten restrictions I thought I would miss the traditional choc but theres so many vegan GF options available I’ve been able to carry on munching, yay!

I know chocolate can’t solve everything but If a little nibble of something tasty can brighten your mood then I say chomp on folks.

Ive added my top 5 finds below, all are from regular high street shops, gluten free, vegan and ready to be demolished!

Number 5:

What goes best with a good brew, a biscuit does!

Now I suppose technically you could say a biscuit isn’t chocolate but its a cookies and cream biscuit and a super tasty one too.

TK Maxx is a high street shop that containes everything someone will need in there home, including food items.

Its not stocked like your local Asda but they do have food items you can’t normally find in your local superstore like these cookies from Vegan Bakery.

Although they say cookies and cream they have a really chocolatey taste and are not to sickly like some sandwich biscuits.

I found these for £1.99 but you can get the from the Vegan Store for £2.55 as TK Maxx doesn’t stock everything all the time.

The only issues I noted was they contain palm oil, which I normally avoid.

Number 4:

I think chocolate spead is one of the most versitile chocolate items ever, you can stuff it, spread it, spoon it, lick it….

I have found a few chocco spreads but my favorite at the moment is Jimjams dark chocolate spread closely followed by their hazelnut chocolate spread, so creamy and rich in flavor.

Jimjam spread’s have no added sugar and are high in fiber.

Again they contain palm oil but this company only uses sustainable oil.

Chocolate spread on toast is a great way to cheer up your morning!

Number 3:

Chocolate is not just for pudding, its for life.

But if you are going to have it for a pudding then you should definantly try Deliciously Ella melt in the middle chocolate brownie.

In the past I have have had wee little rages about restaurants only offering brownies as GF vegan options, but when they brought this new product out brownie or not I had to try.

Sooooooo glad I did, it was delish!

Most hot brownie desserts I have with ice cream as I like the hot/cold mixture, so add in a dolop of my favorite Swedish glace vanilla ice cream and it makes the perfect winter walmer.

Number 2:

Traditional bars of chocolate i,s im guessing, what most people think of when chocolate is mentioned

And a big old bar of chocolate is always a shopping essential for me.

I like having a bar of chocolate in so if a choccy nibble is required I’ve always got one in hand.

The chocolate folk have jumped on this vegan ride and there are lots of different traditional bars now avalible in supermarkets and shops.

I have probably tasted all the bars I have found so far and theres 2 I have fell in love with.

2nd on my list is a classic from Mars, the Galaxy bar.

Galaxy was my go to milk chocolate for years, so when I went vegan I was sad I couldn’t nibble on this anymore. However, Galaxy have brought out a range of gluten free vegan chocolate and its not to shabby.

So far they have released 5 different flavors: caramel and sea salt, caramelised hazlenut, crumbled cookie, smooth orange and smooth mint.

All are gluten free, even the cookie!

The only issues is they come in one size only and there thinner than there regular bars, boooooooo.

But still, really tasty.

Number 1:

Drum roll please as at number 1 on my top 5 chocolate must haves is another Mars classic the Topic bar.

I found this little gem in my local Sainsburys, bigger than the normal Topic bars and chunkier than the vegan Galaxy win win!

I didn’t know Mars had released this addition to their squad and on writing this blog I’ve just seen they have relesed a vegan Bounty as well, however it isn’t gluten free which is really sad but at least we can enjoy the Topic bar.

Its a creamy bar rammed full with whole hazelnuts which adds crunch and texture making it less sickly and totally moresome.

A word of advice….

Please guys always make sure you check your labels, even if it says vegan or gluten free check.

Most vegan products are not regulated like gluten free products, so even though it says vegan it may contain milk from cross contamination from the factory. This may be dangerous for those with milk allergies.

Whilst there are numerous rules which govern product labelling for allergies, there’s no legal definition of ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’ either at UK or EU level when it comes to food.”

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