Does staying local makes cakes taste better?

Oooooohhhh cake…..

Eveybody know’s you cant beat a good cake; be a classic victoria sponge or a fancy rainbow sprinkle pinata cake.

A cake makes your day.

And what could make any cake better; a locally made one.

Today I visited Blakemere village, Northwich for their veggie-licious food fest.

Their food fest brought together local producers, not only of cakes but of savory delights, fun and festivities.

Gluten free vegan cakes are still not the most obtainable even in the supermarkets. However, local bakers seem to have it down and today was no exeption!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Cake Ocean UK; a local bakery that specialises in gluten free vegan muffins and sweet treats.

These guys offered a great range of options, something for everyone and everything is GF and vegan.

Like everything!

Of course being the chocoholic I am, my eyes went straight for their pot hole filler (totally appropriate name!) which is a rocky road style cupcake filled with marshmellows and covered in chocolate.

Oh holly Batman, what a treat for the mouth it was.

Gooey yet smooth, chewy yet soft.

Next on my munch list was their sugar cookies.

Biscuits are such a nice find when there GF and vegan. Most of the time there either one or the other.

There also either chocolate chip cookies or oats based and never shall they differ from this.

So to find a local baker who makes just a simple, yet perfectly baked sugar cookie is a delight.

A perfect addition to a good brew.

And they were made into little dudes too!

Cake Ocean UK stand was filled with so many treats, but with restraint and thinking about my waistline, I narrowed my choice down to their sugar cookies, pot hole fillers and a cookie dough pot. All of which were super tasty and an utter enjoyment to eat. With the added understanding that there was no gluten or dairy to be found in them.

Comfort come froms knowing you are safe. And safe is what I felt munching away on Cakes Ocean UK’s tasty treats.

Tasty savory snackage….

Another company I had the enjoyment of meeting at the food fest was Apricot Blue Catering.

These guys were not bakers, but I suppose I have to have a balanced diet and a great savory snacks a brilliant way to do this, right?

Apricot Blue offered a range of snacks/meal options including vegan, vegitarian and meat choices. And all could be made GF on asking.

Currently my chosen snack of choice is roasted asparagus. Obsessed is not the word!

So when I spotted they offered salt and pepper aspargus I was all over that.

I wish photo’s could have smellyvision because a visual representative of the food offered just doesn’t cut the mustard.

A sweet yet spicy smell accompied the delightfully presented asparagus.

What a beautiful dish. I could have eated a bucket load!

I didn’t try their hot and sour cauliflower, but you bet i’m hunting these guys down at their next food fest or market to try what else they offer, including the cauliflower!

Well today my belly has had a day of treats. All locally produced and representing what Cheshire can offer for those with food allergies and intolerances. Make sure you guys venture out and try your local artisan markets or food festivals and support local buisnesses.

You might be suprised at the talent and tastiness you find!

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