Natasha’s law

Natasha’s story….

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, collapsed during a flight from Heathrow UK in July 2016. She had a severe sesame allergy and was unaware she had eaten sesame prior to boarding her flight. Her father administered 2 adrenalin injections but Natasha sadly past away in a hospital in Nice.

Natasha had consumed a sandwich from Pret Manger, which did not state contained sesame. It is believed that the sesame was baked into the bread and not just sprinkled on top so was not visible.

Pret Manger reported that their products were not individually labelled with allergen or ingredient information. However they did have signs asking customers to speak to staff if they have any allergy concerns.

After her passing Natasha’s parents lobbied for changes in the law to be made making food producers to be open regards their ingredents.

The law….

In September 2019 a law was passed that will require all PPDS (Pre Packed for Direct Sale) foods (foods that are made and packaged on site of the premisis in which they are sold) are to have a full lit of ingredents present.

This law will be known as “Natasha’s Law”.

The introduction of this law will help millions of allergy suffers feel more confident in purchasing PPDS in stores knowning all allergens are noted.

Food producers must be aware of all ingredents, this includes any ingedents within pre-made items for example bread, pasta and ready made salad dressings

Natasha’s law will not come fully into forse untill October 2021.

However, many companies are already dispalying full ingredent lists.

All food sellers will needs to show:

  • The name of the food
  • Full ingredents list, in where any of the 14 major allergens must be highighted, in bold, italic or a different colour

Natasha’s law only cover PPDS food it does not cover made to order meals.

But dont forget that all food establishments by law must inform you off all food ingredents they serve.

Bing bing new text alert….

If you want to keep up with all the news and allergy alerts the Food Standards Agency (FDA) have a free sign up service which will keep you up to date

Sign up here!

All you need is a email address to log in and you will have the options to chose which allergens, news and updates you recieve.

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