Where are the best/worse places to travel with food allergies?

Destination unknown

I don’t believe there is anywhere now we as food allergy sufferers can’t go.

With technology helping us translate and communicate our needs to the world and others acknowledging us as a group. Restaurants, eateries and travel providers are making amendments to their menu and ingredients so we can enjoy travel as much as anyone else.

Saying that there has been some surprises I have found on my travels, places you would expect to be spot on with food allergies were not. As other place where you wouldn’t think food allergies were so welcomed have been magical finds.

Go big or go home, hungry

Please don’t expect because somewhere is super popular and visited by millions each year that they will accommodate those with food allergies to a good standard.  

The “bigger places” I have visited have been amongst the weakest when it has come to accommodating food allergies. However, would I visit again of course and I have done several times because I love those places but I make sure I plan ahead and prep accordingly. But you shouldn’t have to.

But I would love it if they made eating there for us as magical as it seems for everyone else. Food is so important, it’s part of your trip and can be really impactful if not approached properly.  Hence why I have started my awareness campaign.

Expect the unexpected

I now live by this statement when it comes to food.

I expect somewhere to be fully accommodating, its not. Then you find a little gem maybe not super selling itself, off the main road but full of surprises and perfectly suitable.

You should always strive to discover new places, add to your favourites.

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