Hello Scotland!

I’ve just returned from a weeks break up in Scotland and it was lovely, good gluten free food and lots of new treats found.

Ye olde prepper….

We went to Scotland last year also and we stayed at the same place so I knew what facilities were available in our little chalet. We have a small but totally perfect kitchen just enough for me to keep and prep food ready for my days out.

To be honest, apart from brewing up and a toast production line in the morning, I am the only person to use the kitchen as the others are all “normal” and eat out most days.

We stay at the Barend holiday lodges in near Dalbeattie, on site there is a small pub which serves food, nice food too.

Last year I made a big mistake on the first day and thought sod it i’m on holiday and had their gluten free broccoli and potato bake which had a ton of bloody melted cheese on, it tasted lovely but resulted in one very bloaty and grumpy lady for the entire week!

Why I though my allergies would go on holiday too when I was on holiday beats me!

Anyways, remembering that whopsy from last year this year I ate before going with the others for tea.

But I shouldn’t have.

The pub has added to their menu and now have a vegetable sizzler which contains red hot vegetables severed on a sizzly plate accompanied by rice and salad, yum!

Wakey, wakey rise and hoop….

Before heading up north, I popped into my local Sainsburys to grab some bits and bobs. Breakfast for me, especially on holiday, I find a bit of a nightmare.

I’m not the greatest cereal lover I tend to have porridge most mornings, but on holiday you feel like a change, well I know I do. Also you want to be up and out enjoying your day, so something quick is always good.

So whilst I was in Sainsburys I spotted their free from honey hoops and thought i’d give them a try.

They were worth the risk.

I really enjoyed them, they weren’t a strong honey taste but very tasty. That mix of crunchy cereal and cold(ish) milk was really pleasant.

(FYI I don’t like cold liquids, so I have room temp milk on my cereal)



When I did have time in the morning to cook there is only one thing you can have on your jollys, a facon buttie!

On our first day we went to the local Tesco as no one else prepped, pfft!

Whilst I was their I picked up some gluten, milk, egg and wheat free bread. It was ok, not the best I’ve tasted and reminded me of the first gluten free bread that came into the shops. But was a good partner for Quorn’s vegetarian bacon strips, which made a well needed bacon buttie after the long drive.

20180609_115127 (1).jpg

Out and about….

I’ve been to Scotland several time and each time I always tell myself I’m going to indulge in many battered things including the famous battered Mars bar. However, I’ve yet to try anything to wild and now that i’m gluten free and lactose free its almost impossible to find the naughty stuff.

Whilst out in Dumfries on the hunt for a Starbucks, we seen school kids wandering around with chips. And when the smell of chips gets up your nose you need them too.

We found out the kids were going to Pete’s in the centre of town so thought we would go too.

And what did I find only a gluten free menu!

Nothing to wild, no Mars bars, but they did have Gluten free potato fritters which I haven’t had in years!

So I had to have them, obviously.

It said 5 for £2.20, so I ordered them and was told it would be a 20 minuet wait as they cook all their gluten free options fresh and in a separate fryer. So i didn’t mind the wait.

When then the menu said 5 I presumed it would be 5 small fritters because 5 big ones would be silly, well call me silly because it was 5 big fritters!


5 big fritters = a challenge. One I attempted to beat but was quickly defeated!

They were just how I imagined them, greasy with crunchy batter on the outside and squidgy hot potato on the inside. And no horrible after effects, except a full belly.

Pete’s is a must for us allergic folks, there attention to separation to reduce cross contaminate is really appreciated and their food is chip shop lovelyness.

Another good place to visit is Nikos’ Greek restaurant in Castle Douglas. My boyfriend’s family is of Greek origin so to find a family run Greek restaurant in the middle of Scotland was brilliant.

These guys serve traditional Greek food to eat in or take out.

I love Greek food, when I went to Greece a few years back I wasn’t Gluten free but was lactose free vegetarian and they have so many options.

Now I know I shouldn’t as I do have an intolerance to dairy, but halloumi saganaki is probably my favourite Greek dish. If you haven’t tried saganaki its a must, its fried cheese!

Nikos’ serve halloumi saganaki with roasted peppers, aubergine and courgettes.

Oh my Batman! It was a taste explosion in my mouth!

Nikos had cooked the traditional dish with green chillies which gave it a tingle but not a red hot effect and they surprised me with a gluten free pitta to eat it with too.

Absolutely beautiful!

A must visit, and seeing as we are going back to Scotland in September I feel another visit coming on. Maybe we will sit in this time and try the dining experience.


And for pud….

Since visiting the Body power expo this year I’ve become obsessed with sorbet rather than ice cream. I think I may have convinced myself Its better for me as its fruity!

Which it isn’t by the way.

I found a lovely raspberry sorbet in Tesco whilst in Scotland which was perfect for snacking on after tea.

It was tangy but not eye rolling tangy, just right. Really flavoursome and totally vegan which is perfect!

Unfortunately I didn’t finish it, but thought I would bring it home, not thinking about the 3 hour drive home it kinda turned into raspberry soup so I may need to replace it now I’m back.

I also took my Schlagcreme soya squiry cream with me to go with fruit. I love tinned peaches and squiry cream.

It was amazing!

Normal dairy squirty cream is lovely but can make me ill but this stuff is tastier and better for me. Win win!

I don’t know if it was my portion sizing or the can size but it didn’t seem to last a long time. I got about 4 portions out of it, now it might be my portion sizes as I tend to go for a 10:1 ratio, 1 being the fruit so it ran out to quick.


When in Rome….

As they say “when in Rome do what the Roman’s do”

Well, when in Scotland do what the Scottish do, and they do Irn bru.

I love Irn bru and basically live on it when im up there. I do buy it at home but It always seems better up there. Nothing beats it.

And I managed to get a couple of Crossfit sessions in to at Crossfit Castle Douglas, had to work off those bloody fritters somehow!

Scotland you were a hoot, see you soon!










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