Happy Halloween!

Better late than never….

So I have started a new job which mean I’ve been M.I.N.A (missing in nursey action) recently hence the late post for my favourite time of year HALLOWEEN!

Every year me and the bestie celebrate this most wonderful time with a fun filled spookfest trip to Alton Towers.

Screenshot_20171118-141116.jpg   IMG-20171101-WA0009.jpg

Now in previous years the day has been all about the rides, the outfits and pure fun! As I never had to worry about eating whilst I was there as there are many different types of eateries from sit down restaurants, food kiosks which sell everything from pancakes to chips and fast food places. All which provide vegetarian options.

However, this year adding gluten free to a growing list of allergies and intolerance’s I knew it would be harder.


The prep….

So being the good little food prepper I have become, a trip to Asda the night before all hallows eve was needed. Now I’m not much of a sandwich eater so butties tend not to be not on my radar when thinking of packed lunches. However, pizza is always on my radar!

So I picked up a Goodfella’s gluten free margherita pizza which I cooked the night before put in a plastic tub and took with me, not the healthiest of options but I balanced it out with fruits and carrot sticks!

I also visited Sainsbury’s and managed to find my favourite sweeties, Candy Kittens.


Candy Kitten sweets are all gluten free, natural colouring and flavourings and they are delicious.  However, there not all vegan or vegetarian as some contain gelatin so make sure you check the labels; although Candy Kittens do a pretty awesome job of making it obvious if they are!

The Park….

Now like most place security has been upped at Alton Towers and I think most people are happy with that. So with the added security comes bag checks. Now I have been Alton towers a million times and I haven’t seen to many people eating there own food there, and to be honest I haven’t seen any picnic benches or seating areas to do so. However, the plan was if stopped by security about my food I would tell them all my aliments and hopefully they’d feel sorry for me and let me keep my food. That’s if food isn’t aloud into the park.

On getting to the gate I have to admit I was a little nervous but I pulled up my big girl pants and walked on in, they checked and looked at me dressed as a gingerbread person looked at my pizza in a box which happened to be a gingerbread patterned box and just started giggling. No problems at all.

My plan was to not eat at the park as I had brought food with me, however the smell of the food was to tempting so we stopped at a restaurant near the Sealife centre (sorry I cant remember the name) which had multiple choices for myself including curries, side dishes like rice and chips and pakoras. Seeing as I had pizza with me I thought chips would be a good side kick. The gentleman serving was extremely knowledgeable about all the meals offered, he knew all the ingredients allergy sufferers may need to know about and was very helpful. However, the chips weren’t the best I’ve ever tried but they were hot and fresh which is always a nice combination.

On the way out after a long day of rides, screaming and total fun times we stopped at the coffee shop in the main entrance. Unfortunately I was unable to get a coffee due to there being no dairy free alternative I could have but they did offer caffeine free.

Looking at the sandwichs for my friend expecting to not see anything I could have, which is wrong you should never presume. But with no dairy free option I did, I noticed some tasty little treats available. And they were on sale!



Now, I didn’t try these sandwiches this time as I was stuffed up on pizza and chips but next time I know I don’t have to worry and neither to you guys as Alton Towers has us covered!


Happy Halloween folks!!

Screenshot_20171118-140950 (1).jpg



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