To eat or not to eat, that is the question….

The question….

As a psychiatric nurse I don’t just look after the mind; I treat and care for the whole body.
And a big part of that care is educating and supporting people to understand what we put into our bodies, food wise, to keep us healthy and in good working order is extremely important.
Now the ye old question of should I or shouldn’t I eat breakfast tends to pop up quite a lot when discussing daily food intake. There are many different schools of thought surrounding the effect eating or not eating breakfast has on our body. I was always told breakfast is the most important meal of the day and was never aloud out until I had eaten and still as an adult I try to eat first thing every day when I’m able too. I’ve heard many healthcare professionals stating that eating first thing kick starts your metabolism so your body is set up for the day ahead and regulates your insulin levels.
However, I also now many folks who do not eat breakfast at all and are fit and healthy. I’ve also been advised in the past not to eat breakfast before early exercises as it can help weight loss.

So what’s the answer….

Well there isn’t one, or I haven’t found it yet!
There are so many different research studies and accounts for the pro’s and con’s of breakfast that it’s hard to find an answer. I would say is it all depends on you. If you have an underlying medical condition like diabetes or you are pregnant I think breakfast is a very important meal, as insulin levels within the body need to be regulated.
If you do not have an underlying illness or are not pregnant then it depend on if you’re
hungry or not.

I’m an eater….

I don’t know if it is because I’ve always done it or because I’m generally hungry when I wake but I need to eat on rising. I have noticed that I’m more energised and functional once I’ve eaten (I sound like am a vampire!) and it starts my day off nicely.
However, since starting my gluten free diet breakfast isn’t always as interesting or accessible as it was . It can be a challenge especially when I’m not at home, as I found out on my recent trip abroad. But I have found some lovely on the go breakfast meals for when you’re out and about; and some stay at home and make it yourself breakfast choices when time is not a factor.

On the go pots….

There are many different on the go porridge pot’s available for gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free and vegan diets which I have found to be a perfect on the go option. They range in flavours from golden syrup to berry flavoured. They are not purse busters and all it takes is some hot water and a spoon, perfect for on the go breakfast.
These porridge pots are available from most supermarkets in both own brand ranges and branded ranges.
I tend to take several of Tesco’s golden syrup flavoured free from porridge pots on holidays with me as most hotel rooms, hostels or even festivals have assess to hot water. I recently took my pots on holiday in my suitcase and they survived nicely and meant I always had assess to breakfast or a snack.
However, what happened if you don’t have a big supermarket where you are? Or you haven’t packed any. Well Starbucks has you covered!
Most big cities, shopping centres and theme parks, if not all have a Starbucks as well as many motorway stops and airports. Starbucks 5 grain oatmeal is vegan, gluten free and dairy free, made with soya, coconut cream and cinnamon. Now this little pot is more expensive than the supermarkets own brands and the branded pots, but it is delicious and defiantly worth the extra pennies. And a lovely accessible breakfast.

Biscuit buddies….

A recent find for me but a delicious one are breakfast biscuits. Many of the big supermarkets have there own brand and branded ranges also. These biscuits are perfect for throwing in your handbag or backpack for that mid morning nibble or with a cup of tea at breakfast. I have tried several makes, both supermarket own brand and branded ranges but my favourite by far is Genius’ breakfast bakes especially the honey and raisin ones. They are big enough to fill a gap but not big enough to spoil your dinner! And they are scrummy!
However, they are not vegan and taste very heavily of margarine/butter but if you like that taste (like me!) then that’s not an issue.

At home loveliness….

Now I’m not always on the run or rushing of to work so when I do have time I like to make a tasty breakfast to sit and relax with. There are lots and lots of cereals and breads available for us folks with all sorts of allergies and intolerance’s but I like to mix it up and try other things. As a kid if dad was on breakfast duty there’s only one breakfast on the menu; eggy bread.

Obviously this isn’t a vegan menu option and I have looked but can not find a vegan option as of yet. However, this vegetarian option can be made both gluten free and non-gluten free so all can eat together. For my recipe, adapted from my dads, I use 2 medium eggs, a splash of soya milk and salt and pepper, and your choice of gluten free bread that’s it! Mix the eggs, milk, salt and pepper together in a bowl big enough to lie your bread flat in, pop in your bread let it sit a little before flipping it over to soak again. Then heat a little spray oil in a frying pan, then put your egg soaked slice in the pan. Wait for it to cook then flip it over. Delicious! And with the spare egg my scrambled egg for your pooch!



Now you all know I love pancakes!….

I cant help it, whether there home made or restaurant made I love pancakes! So to be able to eat them for breakfast to it’s a win!

I learnt to cook pancakes from my mam and still use her recipe today; just add bits in which I want. So for my breakfast pancakes I add Aldi’s milled linseed with sesame, blueberries and raspberries to my mam’s 4oz gluten free flour, 1 egg or egg replacement mixture, then add soya milk until desired thickness. I like mine between scotch pancakes and crepe thickness. The milled linseed adds texture as well as flavour, I also add it to porridge, ice cream and in cakes.

You can top your pancakes with anything you want from fruit to chocolate spread depending on how naughty your feeling!


Here I added Alpro vanilla soya yogurt and tinned pears, for a savoury yet sweet start to the day.

If your a breakfast eater or not, these quick bites to eat or stay at home recipes will keep you full till your next meal.

Dinner time pancakes anyone?….



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