Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!

When a girl needs pancakes, a girl needs pancakes!

As a clinical professional I understand the importance and balance of a healthy diet and exercise routine, however, I also understand that for a healthy mind and body treats aren’t always a bad thing sometimes there made out to be.

I currently work 2 jobs doing 12 hour shifts and many nights in the crossfit gym, so when I want to pig out I do it in style! And there’s nothing better than pancakes…..

I have found many pancake places that make magnificent pancakes with all flavours and toppings however not that many who can provide a gluten free option till I found out about Hanky Panky Pancakes in Chester.

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When I first fell in love….

I first come across Hanky Panky Pancakes on Facebook when a friend tagged themselves there and posted a picture. It looked amazing and I was intrigued. But as always my excitement disappeared quickly remembering my beautiful fun spoiling gluten allergy and lactose issues. So I did what I always do and what many others should do, I contacted. And as my dad always say’s “Ask, they can only say no” which never really helped when it came to dating but thanks anyways dad! But anywho…I messaged them on Facebook enquiring if they provided a gluten free and lactose free menu option, to my surprise they did!

It wasn’t soon after that we decided to visit. It was such a lovely place, so quaint and vintagey which is right up my street. However, it was busy but that says to me it must be good. So we sat outside on there beautiful outdoor area at the front of the shop and peruse the menu. So many options; different style pancakes, different toppings and many flavours of ice creams, yum!


The choices, oh the choices….

Well….the choices were so vast it must have took me 15 minuets to choose! Finally deciding on Monkey Business, a crêpe like pancake smothered with Nutella stuffed with banana topped with white chocolate sauce and finished with banoffee pie ice cream. Now the best part of this menu for me is that you can switch, swop and add any elements of the pancakes and extras you want. Flexibility of a menu is so rare in the allergy menu circle! So what I suggest is you start with a base then change as desired, so out with the banoffee ice cream and in with salted caramel and an extra portion of Nutella as it was a hard week! And the supporting act a decaf vanilla cappuccino with soya milk, yes the beautiful people at Hanky Panky Pancakes also have soya milk, much love people!


The pancakes arrival….

Now not to sound over dramatic but I am sure when that lovely waiter came walking to our table with what I can only describe as all my dreams on one plate I am sure he was he was in slow motion!

Now I have made gluten free pancakes at home which at times have been a little crispy, but the gluten free pancakes from Hanky Panky were soft and fluffy just as they described.


Not only was the taste superb the portion sizes were perfect. Your crêpe comes folded in quarter which allows the staff to stuff it with a filling (or two) of your choice and the ice cream is one big ole blob!

Now, call me silly but I understand that I have an issue with Lactose; so ice cream and Nutella may not be the best of choices. However,  after many years of having these issues and I know my body and I know how much I can tolerate that day. Some days I can’t have any, some days I can. So thank Batman today was a good day Lactose intolerance wise. But if you are vegan or are on a complete lactose free diet don’t worry Hanky Panky Pancakes wont leave you hanging, they have a vanilla dairy free ice cream for you to enjoy and many non-daily toppings and sauces.


Not got a sweet tooth….

Hanky Panky Pancakes don’t just do sweet they also can tickle your savoury taste buds too. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options; but like all Hanky Panky Pancakes you don’t want a particular item swop it out or if you do add it in.  And as always they can be made gluten free if required.


The most lovelyest of staff….

I love to eat out, but what I have found in many a places is that staff can make you can feel a bit of a burden on them for asking multiple questions and quizzing them on their menus (sorry not sorry). Well at Hanky Panky Pancakes the staff could not be more helpful if they sat next to you a fed you your pancake! Which make the whole experience a million times better.


My love for the Hanky Panky…

With a combination of amazing staff, a beautiful atmosphere and the most delicious food Hanky Panky Pancakes is a must for all. But be aware; many others have found this little gem within the walled city of Chester so it can get busy, but don’t be sad, circle the shops then return! It is so worth the wait.

If you want to contact them there website is easily accessible and shows the entire menu, however I couldn’t see there information on allergies and ability to provide a gluten free, vegan and vegetarian menu but trust me as a regular customer they do!

But remember guys, don’t go making yourself sick because you want something you can’t have. I understand its hard but your health is most important and long term its most important to protect yourself for the future. And as always if you have any concerns or issues regarding your dietary intake please seek professional medical help.


Go forth and eat!





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